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Reference - Common Graded Standards

The agreement reached in 1996 between representatives of the AAA of England and the Celtic Countries in respect of the recognition of common Track and Field Standards essentially remains in force. The performances listed hereunder apply to all British Athletics, irrespective of whether any Country intends, or not, to make Certificates and/or Badges available to their athletes.


With the advent of data bases  of performances it has been decided to completely revise the standards tables every two years and to introduce standards  for  events  which  appear  in  the  Power  of  10  database.  The  method  of  revising  the  tables  has  been  to  look  at  the  total  number  of performances recorded in the database and to try to pitch the standards such that the top 7.5% of performances would attain a grade 1 standard; the top 15% of performances a grade 2 standard; the top 30% a grade 3 standard; the top 65% a grade 4 standard. Some events have not been included due to there being insufficient data on which to base a realistic standard, i.e. performances by less than 50 individuals, however the Senior Women’s 3,000 metres Steeplechase and the Under 20 Women’s 2,000 metres Steeplechase have been included despite having less than 50 performances listed.  Although  the  walks  are  not  included  in  the  Power  of  10,  their  standards  have  been  retained  in  the  hope  that  more  performances  will  be forthcoming. There are a few anomalies e.g. Grade 3 100 metres for Under 20 Women is faster than the corresponding grade for Senior Women. Similarly the Under 20 Women’s 800m grades are all slightly superior to the Senior grades and the Under 17 Women’s 1500m Steeplechase, grade 3 is superior to that of the Under 20 Women.


The Standards for Senior athletes are for guidance only as there are no badges available for that age group. It is recognised that this is the area where performances seem to be decreasing but perhaps this is due to the larger participation in area leagues rather than a diminishing performance at the top levels – international and elite.


As in the previous tables indoor 60 metres and 60 metres Hurdles standards were fixed with two decimal places as most indoor competition now has the advantage of photo finish.


Full details can be downloaded here.