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Volunteers Needed

Use of photographs




Members' Notice Board

This NoticeBoard is now rarely used. Watch out for Stop Press announcements on the Home Page.

Volunteer helpers needed at Track meetings

Your club needs you! Athletics cannot survive without a small army of unpaid volunteers. Please think about helping your club provide a good experience for all our own athletes and our guests at matches.


We are hosting a Northern League match at Litherland on Sunday 12th July and can always use help for all the extra duties involved in hosting. We have a couple of ladies who help with refreshments and can always use more help. Also, is there anyone out there who likes working with computers - or would like to work more with computers - who would like to produce the results on the day? There is a standard piece of software we use so no programming is involved. Just keying and producing printed results for display. Interested? Contact any Committee member

We also have have our annual Open Medal Meeting in August / September at Litherland when we hope to have lots and lots of athletes and need lots and lots of help; in the refreshment tent, on results, or helping on events. Again, if you are interested please let Ron Scott know.


And if you would like to get more involved as a technical T&F official and get a UKA qualification, again speak to Ron or any of the other track & field officials.


Or perhaps you have or would like to develop coaching skills. Have a word with our Club Secretary, Chris Henders.



Use of photographs on this web site

This web site uses photographs taken by the club or passed to the web master by members, parents etc. This adds interest to News and other pages and helps us all to learn more about the club and its members.

Ideally, I would clear the use of any 'photo with the athlete or their parents before use but this is neither practical nor compatible with the web site's aim of getting news reports published within 24 hours of an event.

If anyone does not want their photograph to appear on this web site or wants a particular photograph removed for whatever reason please let Ron Scott know by e-mail, text him on 077 1942 1918 or telephone 01704 566995.