News reports - April 2018

14th / 15th April: 13 junior combined eventers excel at Hyndburn

13 of our combined eventers competed in the Lancashire Open over the weekend. Between them we had 8 podium finishes, 2  club records and an incredible 30 personal best performances.

In the sunshine on Saturday we had 2 athletes competing, U15 boy Sam Coupland and Y6 girl Apphia Kennan. 

Sam took on the pentathlon and produced an outdoor pb total of 2189 with 5 solid efforts of 13.3 in hurdles, 8.77 shot, 4.81 LJ, 1.65 HJ and 2.25.3 for the 800m which was enough to give him the overall silver medal. 

Apphia took 3rd place in the Yr6 Quad throwing the vortex 19.39 and 1.95 in the standing long jump. However it was on the track were she produced her best performances with 2 PB's of 11.5 in the 75m and 2.07.1 in the 600m.

On Sunday we had 11 athletes competing but mother nature was not as kind with the event having to be halted due to the torrential rain in the early afternoon. The fact we don't have an indoor facility to train in so our athletes are used to some poor conditions at Litherland seemed to play into our hands as the juniors just cracked on regardless and still producing some fantastic performances.

We had 3 girls competing in the various Quad age groups. Erin Griffin competing outdoors for the first time was our only Y4 and she took part in the Quad and finished with 3 PB performances. firstly of 8.7 in the 50m, then 13.65  in the vortex and also a 1.21.8 for the 400m. She also jumped 1.73 for the SLJ and this was enough for her to win the overall tournament and take home the gold medal!!

Charlotte Hughes competed in the Yr5/6 Quad she managed 4th place overall and turned in 1 PB performance on the day. She SLJ 1.54, threw the vortex 14.85 ran the 600 in 2.12.2 and ran the 75m in that PB time of 11.9. 

Elizabeth Wake competing in multi events for the first time also managed a 4th place overall finish on the day. She ran the 100m in a PB 15.9, entertained us all whilst attempting to throw a foam javelin into the wind managing a best of 7.43, Long jumped 3.29 and rounded her day of with a 2.53.5 for the 800m.

We had 3 boys all competing in the y5/6 Quad and they were Monty Barr, Adam Byrne and Joseph Wake.

All 3 boys managed top 4 positions with Monty being victorious overall, Joseph picking up the Bronze with Adam managing a 4th place overall.  Adam threw the vortex 18.80, SLJ 1.85, ran the 600 in 2.07.2 but saved his best performance for the 75 running a PB of 11.5. Joseph was competing for the club for the first time so all his efforts a PB performances to give him something to aim at in the future. He ran 11.5 in the 75m, threw the vortex 23.66, SLJ 1.66 and rounded his competition of with a 2.01.7 for the 600. Our gold medal winner Monty was competing in multi events for the first time and it seemed to bring out the best in him. He ran an excellent 1.54.6 for his 600, threw the vortex 24.42, SLJ of 1.62 and an 11.8 75m.

We had 5 junior girls competing in the pentathlon. We had our regular multi eventers in Katie Piercy and Amber Hughes joined by 3 girls making their debuts in Lauren Byrne, Grace Barr and  Alex Murphy Worrell.  We will start with our under 13's Amber, Lauren and Grace. 

Grace managed 4th place overall in the open with a total of 1223. She managed this through 4 PB attempts out of the 5 events. These being 14.7 for hurdles, 4.14 for shot, 2.99 in the LJ and 1.17 in the HJ. She also ran her 800 in 3.03.8. Lauren faired slightly better and managed to pick up the silver medal with a haul of 1537 points and also throwing a shot PB of 6.43.

Her other efforts were 13.6 for hurdles, 1.23 in HJ, 3.36 for LJ and a 3.07.8 in the 800m.

Amber won the overall competition and improved her Club Record to 2389. She ran  11.9 for hurdles, improved her club record in the shot to 9.78, High Jumped 1.32, Long Jumped 4.10 and finished with a 2.43.2 800m.

Alex Murphy-Worrall scored 1454 in her first pentathlon for the club. She managed 3 PB of 16.9 for hurdles, 6.24 for the 3K shot and 1.20 in her high jump. She also ran 2.56.7 for her 800 and long jumped 3.18 not a bad start to combined events. Katie managed to take the overall Bronze medal with  PB total of 1886. The fact she managed this total without any individual PB shows just what a solid day she had. Her efforts were 14.2 for hurdles, 8.21 for shot, 3.86 LJ, 1.26 in HJ and 2.59 for the 800m.

Anyone interested in Combined Events please see Barrie Hughes, Lee Coupland or David Gough at Litherland


15th April 2018: European Masters Champs; Ian Fitzpatrick in semi final

The European Masters Championships were held in Madrid in late March, with Ian Fitzpatrick in action in the V55 400m.  On the 19th March, and recovering from an injury, Ian ran just 0.5 secs outside his personal best in the semi final.  

3 days later Ian's fiancé Clare Constable ran in the V45 800m, winning a European Masters Bronze medal in 2:22.5.  Clare is a former UK senior athlete and trains regularly with Ian at Litherland.  It's great news that Clare has decided to re-join Southport Waterloo for the upcoming season. 

When asked about her experience Clare said "Masters Athletics provides older athletes the opportunity to compete in their own age group, from aged 35 to over 100.  The oldest competitor in Madrid was a 101 year old long jumper"

If you are interested in Masters Athletics, please speak to Clare/Ian or any of the club coaches.  


See British Masters web site for more information

8th April 2018: Megan improves club record javelin at Wigan

The flurry of open track & field meetings continued on Sunday with the Wigan Harriers Spring Open at the Robin Park Arena. The track benefited from electronic timing which tended to delay the start of track events but would be well received by runners.

With the Mid Lancs event the day before, there were not many Southport Waterloo athletes taking part but there were a number of PBs, 9 event wins and a club record.

The club record was achieved by Megan Howarth who extended her own U17W 500g javelin mark, set at 34m 23 just the day before at Blackburn, to 36m 60. Thomas Kilburn was our second U13 Boy to try the new 3kg shot weight but his best of 4m 44 didn't displace Marcus Burgess' initial record.

Under 15 Sam Coupland won the high jump and pole vault competitions with 1m 70 and 2m 60. His pole vaulting is going from strength to strength and will be extremely valuable in the YDL.

Amber Hughes won her high jump with 1m 40, won the shot competition with 9m 02 and won the 70m hurdles with 11.77.

Jack Clark was the winner over 200m in 28.38.

Despite some very good performances here, the athlete that stands out for me was Sierra Jalloh. Sierra won both 75m and 150m sprints in 10.22 and 20.28, both new PBs. 10.22 compares with Amber Hughes' 10.2 club record and her 20.28 would have been a club record had Amber not run 20.2 at Liverpool in the open Evening meeting earlier this month. Two very talented girls who are a joy to watch.

A number of juniors are at Hyndburn this weekend for Combined Events and the run of open track & field meetings continues with the Liverpool jumps and throws meeting at Wavertree on Saturday and the Wirral AC open at Bebington on Sunday.

Full Wigan results

7th April 2018: 'Proper' start of T&F season with 2 club records at Mid Lancs

The Mid Lancs Track & Field season kicked off at Blackburn's Witton Park on Saturday with excellent attendance bearing in mind the Easter school break. The weather forecast was dire, although not nearly as bad as the chilly conditions experienced at the recent Blackpool, Trafford and Liverpool open meetings. But it was reasonably warm and the rain stopped much earlier than expected so altogether I think we were pretty lucky! That said, the ground around the track was wet and conditions around the club tent - and incidentally in the infield for our intrepid field officials - was more reminiscent of cross country!

Both our male and female teams are in Division 1 this season and they both finished 5th in their Divisions, the females with 82 points and the males with 76 points. The closeness in points scored is remarkable at first sight, given that we had 17 females and just 9 males. But many of our girls were new Under 13s just starting their athletics career so the points will come later.

There weren't that many PBs at Blackburn although conditions were favourable. But we did have two new club records due to rule changes. Megan Howarth has moved up to Under 17 and the javelin weight was reduced in 2014 to 500 gms. Megan's first competition as an Under 17 gives her the club 500 gms record of 34m 23. Also, from April this year, the Under 13 Boys' shot weight was reduced to 3 kgs. Marcus Burgess is the first to compete with this new weight so his best of 5m 43 becomes the club record. I think we will see both improved as we go through the year.

Our Under 13 Girls were Aimee Brennan, Lauren Byrne, Jenna Christian, Olivia Davidson, Amber Hughes, Sierra Jalloh, Apphia Keenan and Elizabeth Wake.

Amber took maximum points from her three events with a win in both the100m race, in 13.3, and the 70m hurdles, in 11.8, and she was 2nd to a guest in the javelin contest with a best throw of 20m 26. Sierra won her heat of the 100m in 13.5 meaning Amber and Sierra had the two fastest times of 26 girls! Sierra also romped home in the 200m in 27.9, the fastest of 30 girls! And was 2nd in the shot with 7m 06. Lauren did well in the high jump, taking 2nd place with 1m 25. Jenna, Apphia, Elizabeth and Olivia featured in the long jump. With the YDL in mind, it was good to see Apphia, Lauren and Jenna join Amber in the javelin competition, and to see no fewer than 6 girls compete over 800m, Elizabeth the fastest in 2:46.0..

We also had more Under 13 Boys than in the other male age groups with Marcus Burgess, Adam Byrne, Will O'Donnell, Sammy Pickerill and Paul Murphy-Worrell competing. Marcus ran 15.9 for 100m, 17.3 for 75m hurdles and put the shot 5m 43. Will had the fastest 100m time of 14.4 and also the fastest 800m time of 2:40.3 for a good 2nd place finish. Paul ran the same time as Marcus, 15.9 for 100m. Sammy is a good distance prospect and he was 3rd over 1500m running 5:08.9 for his first run over this track distance. And Adam won the 75m hurdles race in 16.6 and ran 2:50 for the 800m.

Alex Murphy-Worrell was our only Under 15 Girl. She ran an 800m in 2:53.2 and long jumped 3m 58.

Sam Coupland was our only Under 15 Boy. He had a good day, winning the 80m hurdles in 13.2, winning the discus with 24m 51 and setting a great new PB of 2:21.6 for 800m.

Our Under 17 Women were Amy Bloxsome, Megan Howarth, Eve McMahon and Freya Walsh. Amy is a new sprinter and she and Louise ran the 100m; Louise in 14.7 and Amy in 15.1. Amy also ran 31.4 for 200m. Freya had a good competitive race over 1500m and was 2nd of 5 girls in 5:35.5.

In the field Eve and Megan competed in shot and javelin. Eve had the better shot with 7m 35 for 3rd place and Megan threw 7m 15. In the javelin, Megan won the 9-girl competition with her club record 34m 23, despite two no throw! All Eve's throws were over 20 metres, the best 22m 88.

Luke Suarez competed in the Under 17 Men's age group. He was 2nd in the long jump with 5m 68 and ran his best ever 100m in a PB 12.1 secs.

Katy Coupland competed in the Senior Women's discus with a best of 25m 64 for 2nd place of 10 competitors.

Finally, Senior Men Chris Burgess and Graham Boreham were in action. Chris ran 12.5 for 100m, 25.2 for 200m and he put the shot 7m 83. Graham ran 54.7 for 400m and 25.4 for 200m.

Altogether a good start to the season.

Thanks to Team manager Lee Coupland, and officials Steve Boreham, Emma Howarth, Lee Coupland and Barrie Hughes.

Results for Southport Waterloo athletes | Full results.

7th April 2018: Pendle Hill Fell Race, inc Merseyside Fell Champs

Despite the race including the Merseyside Championships only two runners from SWAC made the journey to Barley for the Pendle Hill race, due to injury, illness or runners competing in other events over the weekend. Fortunately, the heavy rain experienced on the journey to the race stopped just prior to the start and the cloud cover lifted from over the top of Pendle Hill. However, the rain had made conditions extremely heavy and muddy.

The race started at the just along from the village hall in Barley and followed the road along the side of the reservoir before turning onto the fell to start the long muddy climb up Pendle Hill.

Before reaching the top of Pendle the course drops down the side of the hill and follows a steep rocky descent, which had been made more difficult by the erosion of the path as a result of the weather over the recent months and there were a lot of large and some sharp boulders to be aware of on the run down to the bottom of Big End.

At the bottom it was a sharp left to start the steep, tough climb up to the trig point on top of Pendle before you can start the long fast descent down Pendle and back to the road to Barley Village and the finish. The final road section is quite a test after the hard climbs and fast descent.

The race was won by Rob Hope of Pudsey, with Brian Davey first home for SWAC in 47.28 and Michelle Spencer first lady in 52.12.

In the Merseyside championships, not many runners had travelled to the race and having scanned the race results it would appear that Brian Davey may have finished 3rd and Michelle Spencer second in the respective county races although this has yet to be officially confirmed by the Merseyside AA.

4th April 2018: 13 PBs and 1 club record at Liverpool evening open meeting

Liverpool Harriers usually hold their Spring Open T&F Meeting on the Sunday following their Jumps & Throws meeting (on 14th April). However, this year that date clashed with Wirral AC's open meeting so the decision was taken to hold an Evening Open meeting at Wavertree - on 4th April. Despite the continuing chilly weather, the meeting was well attended and that included 15 Southport Waterloo juniors.

Its clear that many of our young athletes have benefited from their winter training and, for many, participation in indoor competition over the winter and they showed that with 13 PB performances on Wednesday night and a new Club Record with Amber Hughes improving on her 150m record with a win in 20.2. My sense was that she was slowing down approaching the line with no-one challenging her and I'm confident that, in the right race, she will run sub 20 this season. Power of Ten rankings prefer electronic timings and a sub 20 secs with electronic timing with put her at the top of this year's national rankings!

Under 11 hannah Keen equalled her PB running 12.6 for 75m and a 3rd place finish in the 600m in 2:09 was a new PB.

Under 11 Renee Adams won her heat of the 75m in 11.5.

Under 11 Charlotte Hughes ran 26.2 for 150m and 2:19 for 600m.

There were lots of Under 13 Girls.

Lauren Byrne equalled her best in the 75m running 11.5. Her 13.2 for 70m hurdles was a new PB but most impressive was her high jump of 1m 35 which added 10 cms to her previous best.

Grace Clarke ran 11.7 for 75m

Amber Hughes won all three of her events; 20.2 for a 150m PB, 22m 79 in the javelin and 4m 39 in the long jump.

Apphia Keenan's 11.9 for 75m was a new PB, as was her 14.5 for 70m hurdles.

Jessica Keenan ran 3:08 for her 800m. She long jumped 3m 24 and won the 70m hurdles race in a PB 13.4..

Grace Malone was our fastest 75m runner on the night running 11.3 and her 22.0 for 150m was a new PB.

Libby Simpson ran 23.8 for 150m, 2:59 for 800m and her 3m 20 long jump was a new PB.

Under 15 Katie Piercy ran a PB 14.8 in the 75m hurdles and won the javelin competition with 24m 25.

For the boys:

Under 13 Adam Byrne long jumped 3m 08 and high jumped 1m 10.

Under 13 Jack Clark won both the 100m and 200m races in 13.7 (a PB) and 28.7 and he threw the javelin 17m 70.

Under 13 Sammy Pickerill was 2nd in the 80-0m in 2:41.

And, finally, Under 17 Luke Suarez won his long jump competition with a best of 5m 47.

2nd April 2018: Trafford bank holiday open

13 SWAC Juniors braved the conditions at Trafford Open Meeting. Thankfully, although the weather was pretty cold the forecast rain stopped just before competition started and held off till we were all in the warmth of our cars. So like Blackpool last week PB's would be very hard earned ones!!

Lets start with the boys:

We had 1 Under 11 Boy Daniel Jones who ran 2 PB's firstly 12.43 in the 75m good enough for a second place finish and taking victory in the 150m with a time of 25.15.

James Edmondson was our sole U13 boy today and he smashed both his pb times running 32.00 for the 200 and 15.16 for the 100m.

Our only U15 boy was Sam Coupland who ran 13.25 for his 80m hurdles and jumped 1.55 in his high jump both these performances good enough for overall victory. He also long jumped 4.32.

Now to the girls:

We had 3 U11 girls in Hannah Keenan, Charlotte Hughes and debutant Sarah Yates.

Hannah ran a pb 2.10.63 for the 600 and took 3rd place in the long jump with a leap of 3.12. Charlotte long jumped 2.91, ran the 600 in 2.17 and finished off with a 26.52 effort in the 150m. Sarah on her first outdoor athletic meet ran the 600m in a pb of 2.18.11 and raced to a further pb time of 25.78 in the 150m

As usual the U13 girl category had our most athletes 6 athletes taking part. They were Jenna Christian, Amber Hughes, Apphia Keenan, Jessica Keenan, Grace Malone and Anna Yates who like her sister Sarah was competing for the first time.

Jenna ran a pb of 24.65 in the 150, threw the Javelin 12.76 and long jumped 3.41. Amber threw the Javelin a pb of 24.39, ran the hurdles in 11.76 and also ran the 800m in 2.41.49 all three of these performances were good enough for overall victory. Apphia raced the hurdles for the first time in 15.08, ran the 75m in 12.08 and threw the javelin a pb best of 15.08. Jess also competing in hurdles for the first time ran an excellent 13.44 which was good enough for 3rd place overall. She also long jumped 3.08 and ran the 75m in 12.26. Grace Malone also ran a pb this time in 22.2 for the 150m. Grace also ran the 75m in 10.42 and threw the javelin 10.42. Finally we had Anna who decided to stick to just the 800 on debut and ran this in a pb time of 3.20.92.

Finally Katie Piercy was our only U15 Girl. She took 3rd in the javelin with a pb of 24.62, took 2nd overall in the Shot with a 8.15 effort and also completed the 800m in 3.00.27.

A good start to the season for these athletes and we hope to see more of you out on Wednesday night at Wavertree or the weekend fixtures in Blackburn and Wigan.