News reports - April 2019

28th April 2019: Ben Johnson 3rd club runner in London Marathon

A PB run by Southport Waterloo's Ben Johnson in the Virgin Money London Marathon brought him home as 3rd club runner in 2:20:03 on Sunday, beating his previous best of 2:21:46 in London in 2017 and his 2:23 in Berlin last year. No Southport Waterloo runner has run a faster time! Ben's first marathon in 2010 was run in 2:56 and he just gets faster almost every year! Interestingly, the 1st club runner to finish was Shettleston Harrier Weynay Ghebresilasie winning in 2:17:21. Ben is also a member of Shettleston Harriers so this was an oustanding result for the Glasgow club.

Behind Ben there were 10 other Southport Waterloo runners. A great run from Mark Dunham saw him finish in a superb time of 2:32:31. These were the only two to manage sub 3 hour times. Just outside the 3 hours were Rob McGrath in 3:08:50 with Tracey Allan having a superb run to finish in 3:15:54, a PB by 3 minutes. Veteran distance runner Mike Walker was 4th in the V70 category finishing in 3:20:11. Then Carl Pedder ran 3:37:42, Nicola Simpson, 3:38:36, Mike Leatherbarrow, 3:44:59, Linda Cuff - new name to me - 5:04:58 and Sarah Pickerill, 5:07:29. I think this would be a first marathon for Nicola and Sarah.

According to the results, Mark Ashby didn't run London again this year. Older members will recall that Mark ran 23 consecutive London Marathons between 1995 and 2017.

Under 15 Olivia Logan also featured in London. Running the 3 mile mini marathon for the 2nd time, she was 19th in 17:45.

27th April 2019: Lower age group YDL team gets off to a shaky start

After two successive years of promotion, our U13 / U15 athletes made it into Northern Division 1 this season and the difference in standard was noticeable at the first fixture of the 2019 season, at Trafford. The result - a 5th place finish out of six - was, however, probably more to do with absences than with the higher standard in Div'n 1. Our Under 15 Boys were particularly noticeable by their absence and you just cannot do well at this level without full team sheets.

The match was won by host club Trafford with 493.5 points, followed by Team Isle of Man with 471, Crewe and Nantwich with 462.5, Wigan with 408, then Southport Waterloo with 399.5 and Team North Cumbria a 100 points adrift with 299.5. The 2nd fixture is at Litherland in three weeks time and we will then have more of our athletes available. Winning this Division is currently unrealistic but it is entirely realistic to finish ahead of Wigan and TNC, consolidate our position in this top division move forward from there. Many of the individual performances give a positive outlook for the team.

The weather played a part in this first fixture; albeit we were no more disadvantaged than any other club. Storm Sarah was raging over the UK on Saturday with storm force winds and torrential rain but we were fortunate to be at the Trafford Athletics track which is one of the most sheltered from the effects of wind - one of the reason's that Trafford's Tuesday evening Grand Prix meetings are so popular. So it wasn't very windy within the arena but there was no escape from the constant rain which soaked all the competitors; but dampened few spirits!

It wasn't a day for PBs. For many , it was a first T&F outing of the year so an opportunity to see the benefits of winter training. Our 29 athletes - 20 girls and just 9 boys - achieved 17 PBs and there was a new club record with Adam Byrne pushing out his 3kg shot record to 7m 27. In addition to PBs, there were five event wins and some exciting performances, for example new YDL team member Joseph Wake running 2:31 for his first 800m. But the highest performers were girls with Amber Hughes achieving a Grade 2 standard in the 75m hurdles and a Grade 3 in the shot put. and Lauren Byrne achieving three Grade 3 standards in hurdles, high jump and shot!.

Our Under 13 Girls were Lauren Byrne, Holly Hudson, Charlotte Hughes, Apphia Keenan, Hannah Keenan, Lucy Mitchell, Hannah Murray and Sophie Pilkington. The girls did really well with three event wins, 7 PBs and 7 graded standard performances. Lauren is not only a promising combined eventer but is becoming an accomplished athlete in a number of events. She won the shot with 7m 87 - a 90 cms improvement on her PB - was 2nd over the hurdles in 12.5 and was 3rd in the high jump. Apphia won the javelin competition with 18m 80, won the 'B' hurdles with 12.9 and her high jump of 1m 25 was a new PB. Hanna Murray was the other event winner, impressive in the 75m sprint in 10.8 secs! She also won the 'B' shot with a best of 6m 38 and long jumped 3m 68. Charlotte ran her 75m in 11.8, and the 150m in 23.4, both new PBs, and she ran her first 1200m in 5:04.5. Holly ran an 800m in 3:08, long jumped 2m 41 and threw the javelin 9m 49. Hannah Keenan ran in the 150m race, in 23.8, and, new to the team, Sophie ran 13.2 for 75m and 3:09 for 800m; and Lucy Mitchell joined Charlotte in the 1200m finishing in a very creditable 4:27.2.

Our Under 13 Boys were Monty Barr, Adam Byrne, Reuben Donnelly, Joseph Wake, Luke Ward. Adam was the only event winner here, winning the shot competition to improve his PB and club record to 7m 27.He was also 2nd in the high jump clearing 1m 25 and 2nd in the 75m hurdles in a PB 15.2 secs. Not having run a competitive 800m before, Joseph Wake ran as our 'B' runner and won the 'B' race convincingly in 2:31.8. In fact, that was faster than the 'A' race winner's time! He also ran a 100m in 14.8 and long jumped 3m 17. The 'A' 800m runner was Luke Ward, another fine young middle distance runner in-the-making. Luke was 2nd in 2:38.4. He also ran a 100m in 14.7 and a 200m in 30.6.

Monty was 2nd in the competitive 1500m race finishing 2nd in 5:15.4. He can also hurdle and cleared the 75m in 16.9 and the flat 200m in 31.2. Finally, Reuben was 2nd 'B' in the 1500m in a PB 5:28.8 and he cleared a best of 2m 35 in the long jump.

Joseph, Monty, Adam and Luke ran the 4 x 100m, finishing 3rd in 59.5.

As is so often the case, our strongest squad was our Under 15 Girls with 12 athletes competing at Trafford; so few would get all the events they wanted. They were Holly Bradshaw, Jenna Christian, Eleanor Clark, Amber Hughes, Millie Ireland, Sierra Jalloh, Eleanor James, Jessica Keenan, Annabel Lockie, Katie Piercy, Niamh Procter and Elizabeth Wake.

Several girls won their 'B' competition but Amber was the only event winner here; in the shot with a best of 9m 37. She also high jumped 1m 35 and was 2nd in the 75m hurdles in 12.0, a new PB. Katie Piercy was only scheduled for throws today and was 2nd in both discus and javelin with a PB 18m 40 and 20m 38 and won the 'B' shot with 8m 03. It was measure of the standard of competition in this division that Sierra was 4th in both sprints with 13.4 and 26.9. Jenna won the 'B' javelin with 17m 05. Annabel won the 'B' hammer with 12m 40 and ran 6:23 for 1500m.

Niamh competed in high jump and long jump clearing 1m 30 and 4m 20 as well as running 14.8 for 100m. Jessica ran 31.0 for 200m and long jumped 3m 71. Holly Bradshaw was 3rd in her 300m race in a PB 47.1 Elizabeth also ran a 390m, in 49.8, and her 2:41 run in the 800m was a good season's best. Millie ran a 1500m in 6:36 and was our 'A' hammer thrower with a best of 13m 90. Eleanor James ran 2:47.9 for 800m and Eleanor Clark ran 15.8 for the 75m hurdles and won the 'B' discus competition with a best of 16m 20.

The girls were 4th in their 4 x 100m relay and 3rd in their 4 x 300m relay.

Finally, we had just 4 Under 15 Boys: Marcus Burgess, Jack Clark, Jonathon Pilkington and new competitor Lucas Smith. Although there were few of them, those who competed did well to achieve 6 PBs between them. That's three times as many as the twelve Under 15 Girls managed. Excellent effort boys!

Jonathon was 2nd in his 80m hurdles race in a PB 15.0, cleared 1m 40 in the high jump - another PB - and threw the discus 13m 61 for a 3rd PB. Marcus also ran a hurdles PB to win the 'B' competition in 16.6. He ran 14.5 for 100m and put the shot 7m 30, also a new PB. Jack's 18m 90 javelin throw was a PB. He also long jumped 3m 25 and he ran 45.1 for 300m. And Lucas high jumped 1m 35, long jumped 3m 18 and threw the javelin 14 metres.

The boys even managed a 4 x 100m relay team, finishing 5th in 64.6.

Thanks to Team Manager Graham Boreham and to today's team of officials. Dave Whitehead, Mike Dandy, Lee Coupland, Chris Henders, Lee Coupland, Sam Coupland, John Byrne and Paul Keenan.

Results | Results for Southport Waterloo

PS A note on AAA Graded standards. As far as I can see, new standards for 2019 -20 have yet to be published so the standards I am using currently are those for 2017-18.


26th / 27th April 2019: Australian Masters success for Milly Smith

In the last 12 months we’ve reported on Southport Waterloo members competing in Chicago, Hong Kong and Bratislava and we love to see our club represented around the globe.

But the furthest traveled athlete is awarded to Milly Smith who competed this weekend in the Australian Masters in Melbourne.  Milly competed as a V40 athlete in the 400m hurdles, 80m hurdles, High Jump and Javelin.

Your correspondent had the pleasure of staying awake through Friday and Saturday night in order to report on Milly’s performances and first impressions were not as expected.  Immediately, I was confused as the picture on my TV was the right way up (I was expecting it to be upside down), there was not one sight of a barbecue and the weather was not at all nice!  

On Friday, Milly took to her 400m Hurdles I was also surprised that she was not wearing thongs (flip flops).  A very solid 78.20s was good for second place, looking rather tired Milly was briefly interviewed, “I’m tired”. This was followed by a javelin best throw of 22.23m, 5th place to conclude Fridays efforts with a personal best.

Milly was well recovered, no doubt with an evening of eating Vegemite sandwiches and drinking Fosters, as her performances the following day were very impressive, a very G’day. 

Saturday saw better weather, not sunny but warmer.  No sign of killer insects but I’m quite sure I heard someone say “ripper” as Milly leapt over 1.35m, this was another second, this time joint second.  Last action was the 80m hurdles and 14.24s was again second in the age group and another personal best.  An impressive haul of 3 silver medals at a national championships recognised in our Roll of Honour. 

22nd April 2019: Bank Holiday sunshine for open meeting athletes

Bank holidays are an established opportunity for our younger athletes to travel to Stretford for the Trafford AC open meetings. 13 of our juniors made the journey, Holly Hudson, Hannah Murray, Charlotte Hughes, Renee Adams, Isabel Murray, Eleanor Clark, Erin Griffin, Sammy Pickerill, Monty Barr, Lauren Byrne, Apphia Keenan, Amber Hughes, and Adam Byrne enjoyed the sunshine.

U13 girls were Holly, Hannah, Charlotte, Lauren, Apphia.  Holly competed in the 75m sprint in a new PB of 12.30s, Javelin of 13.35m and Shot 4.95m were the first time she had done these throws. U13 girl Hannah was also in the 75m sprint winning her heat in a very swift 11.02s, a new Long Jump PB of 3.77m and she putt the shot 6.69m.  Charlotte completed the 75m in 12.13s, a Shot of 4.97m and unfortunately didn't record a measure in the Javelin. 

Lauren hurdled the 70m in 12.66s, jumped 1.25m in the High Jump and finished with a shot of 6.56m.  Apphia also sprinted over hurdles in 13.26s a new PB and Long Jumped 3.39m

U11 girls were Renee Adams, Isabel Murray and Erin Griffin.  Renee's 75m sprint of 10.75s was the fastest of her age group on the day, an athlete to keep an eye on... Isabel also sprinted 75m in 14.76s. Erin ran 150m in a new PB of 24.43s first in her heat and also ran 600m in 2:03.56.

The U15 girls were Eleanor Clark and Amber Hughes. Eleanor sprinting 100m in 15.15s, throwing the Discus 17.44m for a new PB and throwing the Javelin 20.35m.  Amber sprinted over the 75m hurdles in 12.01s a new PB, Shot of 9.96m and Javelin of 27.37m.

Somewhat overwhelmed by the number of girls in attendance were the U13 boys Adam Byrne, Sammy Pickerill and Monty Barr.  Adam High Jumped 1.25m and putted the Shot 6.97m.  Sammy and Monty both ran the 800m with Sammy coming out on top with 2:30.30 one place in front of Monty in 2:32.58 a new PB. In the 75m hurdles, Adam was 2nd and Monty 3rd but times are currently not available.

Trafford results

Also in Bank Holiday action were Sam and Katy Coupland.  U17 Man Sam has regularly attended the Trafford Open but is now too old and having not competed the previous weekend wanted to start his outdoor season.  So the City of York AC Summer series round one was attended.  Senior Woman Katy focussed on Discus and won the senior women's event with a throw of 26.87m.  Sam putted the shot 8.88m and ran the 400m in 55.67 a new PB.  However, it was the high jump that was most entertaining, Sam was competing with the senior men including V55 athlete Steve Lindsell from Leeds City AC.  Steve cleared 1.73m a new age graded nation record - very impressive. Sam did go on to win with a new PB of 1.81m.

York results

The next Open events of note are Monday 6th May at either Trafford or Lancaster. 

Club rankings have been updated. This allows you to compare performances within your club and you can also look at previous years and for older athletes see your progression.  All athletes who have a Power of 10 profile are linked.  It really is a fantastic resource, very useful for team managers and report writers... 

20th April 2019: SWAC FGP2 goes to Rivington Pike

The second SWAC fell grand prix race of the season took place on Easter Saturday at Rivington Pike fell Race,  Horwich. The race itself was a short but hard 5.2k, up and round Rivington Pike Tower, returning by the same route, with a total ascent of 213m.

The four SWAC team members enjoyed another beautiful sunny day competing in one of the oldest and most historic fell races in the country. The race was won by Michael Cayton of Ribble Valley Harriers in a time of 17:20 and the first lady was Sarah McCormack of Ambleside AC in a time of 20:11. First home for the club was Graham Liu with a time of 27:20, followed by Paul Hill in 27:58, Michelle Spencer 29:38 and Billy Hargreaves 35:11.

Thanks to Horwich RMI Harriers AC for hosting the event.

The next Fell GP race is at Harrock Hill on Wednesday 22nd May, 8.4km with 275m climb, followed by Rivington Hall on Thursday 6th June, Clougha Pike on Saturday 22nd June, Beetham on Saturday 27th July, Boulsworth Fell on Sunday 11th August and finally Thieveley Pike on Saturday 28th August


13th / 14th April 2019: A weekend of open T&F meetings; and a new Club Record

This weekend there were more than a dozen Open T&F meetings in the UK and we were fortunate that three of them were within easy travelling distance of Southport Waterloo members.

Despite reporting over a week after Saturday's Open Jumps & Throws meeting at Liverpool's Wavertree Athletics Centre, the results have only just appeared on Power of Ten. Unlike other early season open meetings, this one attracts a UKA Level 2 licence, a higher standard of meeting that attracts high performers from across the county. Representing Southport Waterloo, we had Ben Apps and Bekki Roche competing. Ben did long jump and was 3rd in the competition with a best of 6m 41. Bekki competed in discus, shot and hammer. She won the 3kg shot competition with a best of 13m 00. She was 3rd in the 1 kg discus competition with 26m 53 (the event being won by an U15 Girl from Blackburn!). And Bekki's best event was the 3 kg hammer where she threw a magnificent 54m 86 to win the competition, a new PB and new Southport Waterloo club record.

Both of Sunday's open meetings attracted 5 Southport Waterloo athletes. The weather was far from ideal for good early season performances with a strong and cold wind. But athletics is a competitive sport and there was lots of that on display.

At Wirral's Bebington Oval our athletes were younger. Under 11 Renee Adams ran the fastest of three 75m races to win in a PB 11.3 before going on to also win the 150m in 24.1. Another of our Under 11 Girls, Erin Griffin, ran 13.3 for 75m and 26.3 for 150m. After competing at Blackburn on Saturday, Under 13 Luke Ward was enjoying a weekend of athletics running 15.8 for 100m, 31.2 for 200m and 2:36.9 for 800m. Under 13 Charlotte Hughes ran 3:01.2 for 800m and under 15 Girl Amber Hughes ran 14.3 for 100m and was 2nd in the 75m hurdles with 12.8 (behind Meg Corker who is ranked UK No 2.)

At Wigan, Under 17 Bekki Roche was competing again. It would have been difficult to improve her hammer PB yet again but she won the competition by 9 metres with a best of 52m 69. In the Snr Women's 1 kg discus competition, she threw 28m 56, a season's best and a distance that would have won the Liverpool competition on Saturday. Katy Coupland joined Bekki in the discus and threw 25m 73.

Under 17 Stephanie Robertson competed in the 80m hurdles, finishing 3rd in 12.8, and in the 100m where she ran 13.5 into a strong headwind. Darion Moore also ran a 100m, in 12.7, and brother Drumayne ran in the 400m finishing in 57.1, only 3 hundredths short of his PB set at Hyndburn recently.

Next match competition is the YDL Lower on Saturday 27th with Mid Lancs and YDL Upper matches the following weekend.

Liverpool Results | Wirral Results | Wigan Results

14th April 2019: 20 SWAC seniors run the Mersey Tunnel GP race 4


Must have been one of the coldest April mornings, as can be witnessed by the fleeces and coats donned for the group photo.  It didn’t prevent 20 Southport Waterloo runners taking part in this point to point race, which finishes on the New Brighton promenade.  Fortunately, the sun broke through just before the start, which was somewhat academic because once the gun went, you are immediately heading downhill into the Tunnel abyss for about 3k and eventually breaking into daylight but still climbing.  Following a short tour around the back streets of Wallasey, we crossed back over the Tunnel and with the cold wind on our backs (Bonus!) we headed down the riverside / promenade.  About 4.5K later, the Finish line was in sight, on the promenade just in front of Morrisons.  Well done to all those taking part, Francois Rafferty (34:59) 1st home for the club 4th overall and (again) 1st MV50, followed in by Keith Lunt (39:33) 3rd M45, Trace Allen (41:20) our first female and 3rd F35, Mike Walker (42:18) 1st M70, Jay Oliver (42:50, Paul Hill (43:19), David Marsh (45:28), Paul Aspinall (46:32), Stephen Flanagan (46:03), Tracey Barlow (47:09), Malcolm Teale (48:19), David Gough (48:46), Andrew Bridson (46:45), Mark Gillan (48:35), Sarah Lunt (53:02), Graham Padden (54:42), Sandra Teale (57:22), Ruth Sargent (59:24), Heather Goadsby (1:03:30), Jan Marsh (1:10:53)

Updated GP table will be published Shortly.


13th April 2019: First T&F league meeting of the season at a cold and windy Blackburn

The first Mid Lancs T&F meeting of the season was held at Witton Park, Blackburn, on Saturday. Conditions were often sunny but a cold wind meant multiple layers were worn by spectators and officials, and blankets used to keep athletes warm. But it was good to get the league season under way with good numbers of athletes despite the Easter term holidays.

The holiday certainly affected our numbers but there were 26 Southport Waterloo competitors and that kept our female team in 5th place in Division 1 ahead of Chorley and Burnley. Our relegated Male team made an excellent start winning the Division 2 match with 151.5 + officials points, 60 points ahead of 2nd placed Burnley.

Performances were adversely affected by the cold wind - a head wind in the home straight - but our athletes managed 18 PBs! Having watched Amber Hughes put the shot in sportshall athletics over the winter, it was no surprise that she threw 10m 44 today to improve her own Under 15 club record. That was the best performance of the day!

Our Under 13 Girls were Lauren Byrne, Emily Dean, Charlotte Hughes and Apphia Keenan. Lauren won the high jump competition with a Season's Best clearance of 1m 30. She long jumped 3m 70 and won the 70m hurdles impressively in 12.9. Emily ran in the 1500m and finished 2nd in 5:36.7 to improve her previous best by 10 secs. Charlotte's shot put of 5m 43 improved her PB by half a metre. And Apphia equalled her high jump PB with a 1m 20 clearance, ran a PB 13.4 in the hurdles and put the shot 4m 53.

Our Under 13 Boys were Adam Bamber, Adam Byrne, Reuben Donnelly, Sammy Pickerill and Luke Ward. Adam Bamber was 3rd in the javelin, throwing 19m 88. He was 4th in the shot with 5m 43. Adam Byrne won the shot with 6m 68, was 2nd in the high jump with a PB clearance of 1m 40, and his 2nd place run in the 75m hurdles in 15.9 was a Season's Best. Reuben ran a PB in the 1500m in 5:36.4. Luke ran 14.8 for 100m, 30.8 to win his heat of the 200m and he was 3rd in the 800m in a PB 2:35.5. Sammy also ran in the 800m, finishing 6th in 2:38.8.

Our Under 15 Girls were Brianna Hanlon and Amber Hughes. Brianna ran a PB in the 100m, finishing in 14.4 and her long jump of 3m 63 was a new PB. Amber won the shot competition with her 10m 44 put, a Grade 1 standard. She was 3rd in the high jump with a best of 1m 40 and won the 75m hurdles in 12.2, the same time she ran in the Blackpool Winter Warmer meeting.

Marcus Burgess and Jack Bamber were our Under 15 Boys. Jack won both the javelin and hammer competitions with 25m 44 and 15m 98, the later a first time in this event. He also put the shot for the first time and achieved 4m 91. Marcus was 4th in the shot with 7m 29, a PB. His 100m time of 14.3 was also a PB and he ran 17.1 in the sprint hurdles.

Our Under 17 Women were Abigael Bamber and Megan Howarth. Abigael improved her javelin PB to 21 metres and she equalled her best time this year of 27.1 for 200m. Megan won the javelin competition with 34m 72, all three throws within a metre; but she needed - and achieved - a good final throw to beat Blackburn's Millie Coy. Good contest!

Our Under 17 Men were Joshua Bankier, Joe Kane, Drumayne Moore and Joshua Stammers. Joshua Bankier's 2:29.1 for 800m was a PB. Joe won the 100m competition in 11.7 - not at all bad in a strong headwind - and 23.8, the fastest Under 17 over both distances. Drumayne ran 12.5 for 100m, a PB 25.3 for 200m and he high jumped 1m 60. Joshua Stammers ran a PB12.1 for 100m, 3rd in his heat.

Under 20 Woman Eve McMahon competed in the Senior Women's javelin throwing a best of 26m 64 for 3rd place.

Under 20 Men Ethan Harrison and Darion Moore competed as Seniors as the Mid Lancs has no separate Under 20 category. Both ran in the 400m. In fact, with Harry Flanagan and Graham Boreham we probably had our senior 4 x 400m relay team running here today. Ethan ran 54.8 and Darion a PB 56.8.

Our Senior Men were Graham Boreham, Chris Burgess, Harry Flanagan and Mike Taylor. Graham ran 54.0 for 3rd place in the 400m race and he won his 200m in 25.7, the 2nd fastest time. Chris ran 12.4 for 100m , 2nd in his race, and he put the shot a PB 8m 49. Harry, won the 400m race in 49.8, very impressive in today's conditions and augers well for his season. And Mike Taylor came along to run the 3000m, I believe his first track competition, at least as a senior. He ran 10:41.0.

I didn't expect as many PBs today but I know that many of these have been achieved because of the hard work the athletes have put in to their winter training. To see that training pay off is very satisfying and I'm sure the improvements will continue throughout the season.

Full results | Results for club athletes.


12th April 3019: Mid Lancs award their cross country winners

The annual Mid Lancs Cross Country awards evening returned to last year's venue on Friday evening; a plush function suite overlooking the pitch at Ewood Park, the home of Blackburn Rovers.

The event was well attended although without the numbers of younger runners we have seen in past years. None of Southport Waterloo's winners attended but there were awards and medals to pass on to our runners.

Once again, The Vet 50 Mens' champion's shield was presented to Southport Waterloo. This is the 4th consecutive year we have won this category and, looking at the trophy, a win in the 2011/12 season gives us 5 wins overall. That's a long way behind Clayton le Moors' 12 wins but they haven't won since 2010/11 and our Vet men are on the ascendancy well capable of adding to their tally.

In addition to the V50 Men's winners' medals, there were Div'n 1 team silver medals for our V40 Men.

There were also individual trophy awards for Olivia Logan, Under 15 Girl champion; Francois Rafferty, 2nd V50 man; and Sue Stewart, 3rd V65 Woman.

The cross country season won't start again until October but plans are already being made and the Liverpool & District League will have their dates and venues sorted wc 15th April. Watch the Fixtures pages for dates as they emerge.


6th/7th April 2019: 4 age group winners at Hyndburn Combined Events


16 SWAC Juniors descended upon Hyndburn over the weekend to tackle various events ranging from Year 5 Quadrathlon to Under 17 Octathlon.

This venue over the past few years has given us awful conditions to compete in at this time of year but fortunately in 2019 our luck changed with two very warm days for our athletes to perform in.

In the Year 5 boys Quadrathlon we had 2 athletes in Will James and Harry Williams.

Will ran the 75m in 12.8 a new PB, threw the vortex 23.90, standing long jumped 1.65 and finished off with a PB in the 600m of 20.7.01 which gave him a total of 163 points and a bronze medal finish. Harry ran his 75m in 12.2 a new PB, threw his vortex 27.11, SLJ 1.77 and finished with a 600m in 2.05 which gave him a total of 190 points which gave him overall victory and gold medal to take home.

In the year 6 girls Quad we had Holly Hudson and Lottie Hughes, Lottie running the 75m in 11.9 equaling her PB, threw the Vortex 17.93, SLJ 1.63 and ran the 600m in 2.11.5 which gave her the bronze medal overall. Holly was competing under UKA rules for the first time and enjoyed a close tussle with Lottie all day with Holly eventually coming out on top to claim the silver medal overall. She ran the 75m in 12.4, the 600m in 2.12.2, threw the vortex 18.84 and finished with a SLJ of 1.81.

Joseph Wake was our final Quad athlete competing in the boys Y6 age group. Joseph had a very good day running 2 PB times of 150.4 in the 600 and 11.7 in the 75m. He then threw the vortex 31.10 and SLJ 1.94 which gave him overall joint first place and was our second overall winner of the day.

We had 3 Under 13 Girls in the Pentathlon on the Sunday regular Lauren Byrne, first time pentathlete Apphia Keenan and Hannah Murray whose first time it was competing at any track and field meet. Apphia competed in the Lancashire County Champs part of this event and had a fantastic 5th place overall finish and a points total of 1356. She earned these points by hurdling in 14.1, SP 4.87, HJ 1.20, LJ 3.62 which were all PB performances and finished with a 3.16.4 in the 800. Hannah who had only been at the club a few months was competing for the first time so all her efforts are PB's. She competed in the Open competition and managed to place 5th overall. She ran the hurdles in 13.8, SP 7.26, HJ 1.20, LJ 3.56 and ran the 800 in 3.08 for an overall total of 1584 and an excellent start to her athletics career,

Our third girl was CE regular Lauren  who had an amazingly consistent day with 2 PB in the SP 6.93 and 800m in 2.57.8, she then LJ 3.68, HJ 1.29 and ran 70m hurdles in 13.0. Thesew final three events all close to her bests which gave her an overall total of 1833 almost 300 points up on her best from last year and enough for 3rd place in the Open and the bronze medal.

Adam Byrne was our sole U13 boy in the Pentathlon on Saturday and without any real competition to push him still had a pretty consistent series of events. He hurdled in 16.5, HJ 1.26, LJ 3.64, SP just 2 cm from his PB in 7.03 and finished with an 800 in 3.01.05 giving him an overall total of 949 and a solid base to build his season upon. These efforts were also good enough to claim overall victory in the Open and giving us our 3rd overall winner of the Weekend.

The Under 15 girls was our busiest age group with CE regulars Niamh Procter and Amber Hughes joined by LIbby Simpson, Ellie Clark and Elizabeth Wake all doing Pentathlon for the first time. Ellie Clark competed despite only landing late the night before after a weeks skiing with school and started the day well running the hurdles in 16.2, SP 6.79 a PB then HJ 1.20 another PB. She then finished up LJ 3.32 and running 800 in 3.18.8 for an overall total of 1323 and 10th place in the Open. Lizzie also competing for the first time and coming to compete straight from holiday started off with 3 PB performances, with 16.5 in hurdles, 4.96 in SP and 1.26 in the HJ. She also LJ 3.58 and ran 800 in 2.43.1 for a total of 1623 and 9th place in the Open. The final newcomer was Libby who managed a fantastic 4 PB out of the 5 events, these were 16.8 in 75m hurdles, 6.29 in SP, 1.23 in HJ and 3.66 in LJ. She rounded her day off with a 2.48.2 in the 800 for a total of 1649 and 7th place in the Open. Niamh was our 4th competitor and started her day with a PB of 14.6 in hurdles followed by 3 solid efforts of 5.48 in SP, 1.32 in HJ and 4.12 in LJ. Niamh finished her day with a 3.11.2 and a 5th place finish in the Open with a score of 1732. Amber rounds off our U15 quintet and she started her day with a 12.5 in hurdles, SP 9.90 just 1cm of her PB, then produced her best performance of the day HJ 1.53 for a new PB. She then LJ 4.25 and finished with an 800 in 2.57.6. This gave Amber an overall total of 2553 and Gold medal in the Open and our 4th champion of the weekend. And another club record for Amber, for the outdoor pentathlon.

U17 boy Drumayne Moore who competed in the Octathlon so had 4 events each day.

On day 1 he started with 4.92 in the LJ, 20.92 in the Discuss and then 2 PB's of 22.87 in the Javelin and 56.8 in the 400 which left him 2nd in the Open overnight. He then started Day2 hurdling which went well till hurdle 8 when he then chose to really fall out with the last two hurdles and finished in a time of 19.8. He recomposed himself to HJ a PB of 1.65 then he SP 7.62 and finished his weekend running the 1500 in 5.48.9 just outside his PB. This gave him a overall total of 2792 which was good enough to take the silver medal in the Open competition.

Abigael Bamber was another athlete tackling CE for the first time but on this occasion over 7 events over 2 days in the Heptathlon. Abi like Apphia was competing in the Lancashire schools and county part of the competition. She started day 1 with a pb of 14.3 over the 80m hurdles followed by another Pb of 1.20 in the HJ. She then finished day 1 with a SP of 8.00 with her final throw a good effort after fouling in the first 2 rounds. She then finished her day setting the fastest 200m time in 27.1 to sit 3rd overall. Day 2 started with another PB of 4.56 in the LJ and another of 20.14 in the Javelin. She the rounded off her weekend by running her first 800m in a time of 2.56.9 which gave her 3rd place overall in Lancashire County and also 3rd place in the schools competition. This also gained her automatic selection to represent Lancashire in the county event in Crewe in June were she should be joined by several club mates in the Merseyside squad.

A fantastic weekend which every one seemed to enjoy and to have that many athletes competing without the likes of Sam and Katie who are both on holiday is fantastic. All the athletes seemed to be happy at their efforts and a lot of proud mums and dads. We also had 4 incredibly proud coaches in myself, Lee Coupland, John Byrne and Mike Dandy so thanks everyone for making it such a successful weekend. 

Anyone else fancies having a go at Combined Events - see myself (Barrie), Lee, David or John at the track.

7th April 2019: Trail race over 10 miles attracts just one SWAC GP runner

Sunday 7th April saw the fourth event in the club Trail GP series, the Rivington 10mile Trail Challenge. Club attendees were down following the 27 runners who took advantage of the local Tiger Beetle 10k the previous Sunday. Elain Sutton was our only runner, taking advantage of the scenic route on good gravelly trail, completing the course in 2:06:24.

The next event in the series  will be the Harrock Hill Race on 22nd May, which is a double counter, in that it is also included as an event in the club Fell GP series.

After 4 events Paul Hill currently leads the men and Helen Lodge leads the ladies.

Trail GP Table

7th April 2019: Marathon weekend for SWAC runners

This Sunday was the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon, which is referenced as the UK flattest marathon.  Contrary to the forecast Sunday was the cooler day of the weekend, particularly early in the day and proved good conditions for road running. 

Five of our club members were entered; Keith Lunt, Jeff Caunce, Sam Moran, Anthony Pratt and David Wright.  But unfortunately, Keith was unable to make the start line due to injury and we wish him a speedy recovery. 

Sam Moran completed the 26.2 mile course in a chip time of 3:29.40, Anthony Pratt crossed the line in 2:52.22, Jeff Caunce in 3:23.44 and David Wright finished in 3:09.53.  All were cheered on by thousand of spectators that included a Southport Waterloo Strollers cheering team of Ruth Sargent and Michelle Carlton who really doesn’t need a megaphone! 

...And referencing the Strollers running groups, we are also happy to report that new club member Monika Hurajtova Aldelime was also running a marathon this weekend, the CSOB Bratislava Marathon in Slovakia finishing in a time of 4:36.  Well done all, your efforts are recorded in our club rankings.

It’s great to see our road runners representing their club internationally. Please share your stories and photos with your club. 


Ed: Sam Moran is a relatively new name in SWAC road running reports but some readers may recognise he has history with the club, as a junior shot putter. He is listed on our Roll of Honour back in 2002 when he took a Northern Champ silver medal as an Under 15.

6th April 2019: SWAC Fell GP gets under way at Pendle Hill


The first SWAC fell grand prix race of the season took place at Pendle fell race, Barley, Burney. The race itself was only 7.3k but included a steep scramble to the summit of Pendle Hill with a total ascent of 457m.

The five SWAC team members were gifted with a beautiful sunny day and fantastic views from the top (no witches in sight). The race was won by Chris Holdsworth of Ribble Valley Harriers in a time of 30.19, a new race record and the first lady was Caitlin Rice in a time of 37.18 also from Ribble Valley Harriers . First home for the club was Neil Adshead, returning to the fells after several years, in a fast time of 43:38, followed by Paul Hill in 49:56, Michelle Spencer 52:50, Graham Liu in 53:33 and Gareth Williams 56:57. It was great to see some new faces on the fells and the return of others. Thanks to Clayton le Moors Harriers for hosting the event and Wooden Tops for the photos.

All finishing athletes were provided with local beer from the sponsors brewed in the shadow of Pendle Hill.


The next Fell GP race is at Rivington Pike next Saturday, 20th April , 5.2 kms with a climb of 213 metres, followed by Harrock Hill on Wednesday 22nd May, Rivington Hall on Thursday 6th June, Clougha Pike on Saturday 22nd June, Beetham on Saturday 27th July, Boulsworth Fell on Sunday 11th August and finally Thieveley Pike on Saturday 28th August





077   Neil Adshead M50 (016/044) Southport Waterloo 00:43:38  
125   Paul Hill M50 (034/044) Southport Waterloo 00:49:56 L
  035 Michelle Spencer F40 (010/026) Southport Waterloo 00:52:50  
140   Graham Liu M50 (038/044) Southport Waterloo 00:53:33 L
148   Gareth Williams M50 (043/044) Southport Waterloo 00:56:57