News reports - August 2020

9th August 2020: Limited competition gets under way

It may not be any kind of return to pre-Covid-19 normality, but there has been some track and road competition this weekend. Trafford AC are putting on Covid secure open meetings each Saturday in August and today three Southport Waterloo athletes took advantage of the opportunity to compete. Sam Coupland achieved a best long jump of 6m 08 and he threw 28m 91 in the discus competition, Katy Coupland also threw the discus with a best of 28m 28. And Under 17 Bill Steel achieved two PBs. He won the 400m race in a best time of 55.58 secs and he put the 5kg shot 13m 98.

On the Road, there were 'races' at Tatton Park and Preston. The Tatton Park event was a trial with further races over the summer. Preston held their annual 5 and 10 mile races. Both events were run as time trials - setting runners off in waves - and at least the Preston 'races' are described on Run Britain as 'virtual' races. Its not perfect, but events run as time trials are better than no competition at all - provided they can be run safely. The protocols may hint at possible solutions for Cross Country over the coming months. UKA / EA have yet to issue guidance on 'if' and 'how' XC might be permitted.