News reports - June 2019

30th June 2019: Local Southport GP race well attended by club seniors

The Southport Half Marathon - now 're-invented' as a commercially organised race but originally put on by Southport Waterloo until 1999 - was held on Sunday with 35 of our club seniors taking part. The race was won by Matthew Crehan of St Helens Sutton, one of Merseyside's best young distance runners, in 70:41. The Women's race was won by Mandy Dohren, a Victoria Park Harrier, in 84:24.

Francois Rafferty was once again first home for the club in 81:27 with Rob McGrath running 86:04, and Stephen Ward 88:52, the three sub 90 minute runners. Simon Coughlan got around in 90:12, David Wright, 92:28, Carl Pedder, 94:01, Boyd Park, 95:58, Jason Oliver, 96:07, the ever-young Mike Walker, 98:49, Paul Hill, 1:40:32, Martyn Smyth, 1:43:18, James Brooker, 1:48:29, George Fraser, 1:48:52, Mark Lowe, 1:50:01, Paul Aspinall, 1:50:19, Mark Gillen, 1:57:01, Simon Clarke, 1:57:20, Graham Padden, 2:07:02, and Jordan Shandley, 2:14:35.

Tracey Allan led our ladies home in 93:14, with Tracey Barlow running 1:47:49, Fleur Culshaw, 1:53:41, Catherine McElhinney, 1:56:15, Sue Stewart, 1:57:41, Ellie Ireland, 1:58:05, Monika Aldelime, 2:03:43, Mari Dyson, 2:06:16, Jill Watson, 2:18:05, Heather Goadsby, 2:18:48, Emma Hopwood, 2:20:07, Ruth Sargent, 2:23:44, Kelly Barton, 2:26:51, Michelle Carlton, 2:29:15, Lesley Syms, 2:36:53, and running in with her,Sarah Pickerill, 2:36:53.

A 10K race was also put on and 14 of our runners opted for the shorter course. David Hamilton was 2nd overall finishing in 36:29. Keith Swift was also well up with the leaders, finishing 13th overall in 41:04. Then Andrew Hudson ran 43:15, Sam Moran, 43:51, Mitchell Wells, 44:30, Vicki Hudson, 47:22, Sharon Spencer, 47:48, Susan Cooper, 54:01, Jon Singleton, 56:47, Pat Kearsley, 58:20, Vivien Laird, 60:30, Jane Blacklin, 63:06, Christine Webster, 69:26, and Emma Stokes,69:54.

The Half Marathon was a feature race in both the club's and the Merseyside Grand Prix. Southport Waterloo men were 5th team in the M'side GP and our women 7th team.

Full results | SWAC GP Table | M'side GP Rankings

30th June 2019: Mid-Table finish for Under 17s / Under 20s in YDL

It wasn't our best overall performance in the 3rd and final round of the YDL Upper Age Group match at Blackpool's Stanley Park Arena on Sunday. Going into this fixture we shared 13 match points with Stockport and West Cheshire, lying 3rd of the 8 clubs in Division West 2, but we simply didn't have the athletes available at Blackpool to maintain the challenge. That said, we finish this League in 4th place, a position we would have been happy with at the start of the season having gained promotion only last year.

Few of the teams in this division - indeed in this league below Premier level - have complete or strong Under 17 and Under 20 squads, both male and female, and so the loss of just a few athletes can dramatically swing scores and positions. Early in Sunday's match we were lying 3rd; and finished 7th, reducing our 3rd place overall going into the match to 4th overall for the season. Nonetheless, a very acceptable result!

Match scores were Stockport 643 pts, West Cheshire 591, Leigh 476, Blackpool 463, M60 Nomads 452, Lancaster & Morecambe 445, Southport Waterloo 426 and Border 292. Stockport and West Cheshire are promoted and we say 'goodbye' (at least for a season) to Border and Lancaster.

Looking at the match scores, the statistic that stands out is Stockport's performance in 'Track 2', which is the longer track races, 1500m and longer. Here, Stockport scored 142 points compared to our 25 -thanks to our Under 17 Women. And we weren't the poorest here. Border scored only 11 and host club Blackpool a woeful 9!

It is clear from the teamsheet that we are particularly weak at Under 20 level but with Under 17s moving through and new Under 17s becoming available that could well change. The trick is to keep older teenagers in the sport.

Southport Waterloo athletes and officials had adopted a very colourful Hawaiian theme for this final match.

Once again Bekki Roche was our star performer with Grade 1 efforts in both hammer and shot. Jamie Hopkins' triple jump was also an excellent grade 2 standard. For those readers who haven't yet found it, revised AAA's Standards have been published for 2019-2020.

Finally, a comment about the weather. After record temperatures on Saturday, Sunday was cooler; still warm but with a blustery and unpredictably wind. A wind gauge was in use and the U17 Woman's 'A' 200m race recorded a speed of +2.7 whereas the 'B race was 0.0. In the space of half an hour we had wind speeds of -3.2, +2.8 and 0.0!

Our Under 17 Women were Abigael Bamber, Lilly-Ann Grayson, Ava Leigh, Olivia Logan, Lucy Milling, Stephanie Robertson, Bekki Roche and Freya Walsh. Bekki won both the shot and the hammer with 12m 99 and 53m 89 and she was 2nd in the discus with a best of 24m 86. Ava won the 'B' shot and hammer with 10m 29 and 22m 95. Olivia was our other event winner, taking on the 3000m for the first time; not too daunting I would think for a cross country runner but temperatures were a bit higher today. She won the race by a country mile in 10:54.3.

Stephanie ran 13.1 for 100m and long jumped 4m 59 but she will probably remember the match for an unfortunate disqualification in the 80m hurdles where she would otherwise have been the winner. It seems her trail leg knocked a competitor's hurdle, not something that benefited Stephanie but would rather have slowed her. Abigael won the 'B' 100m in exactly the same time as Stephanie - a PB 13.1 secs. She also ran the 200m in 26.9. Lucy was 2nd in the 1500m running 5:11.8, her 1m 35 in the high jump equalled her previous best and she took 2 seconds off her 200m PB running 30.4. Lilly-Ann and Freya returned form exams and off very limited training, Lilly-Ann ran 2:39 for 800m and Freya 6:23 for 1500m.

Lilly-Ann, Freya, Olivia and Lucy ran 3:13.4 for the 4 x 300m relay.

Our Under 17 Men were Leo Christian, Sam Coupland, Jamie Hopkins, Joseph Kane, Tom Murphy and Luke Suarez. Sam was a triple event winner in the jumps with 2m 90 in the pole vault, 1m 74 in the high jump and 6 metres in the long jump. Jamie won both the 100m hurdles, in 15.1, and the 400m hurdles, in 64.0, and was 2nd in the triple jump with 12m 88. Another event winner was Joseph Kane who won the 200m in 23.6. He also ran 11.7 for 100m. Luke Suarez won three 'B' events; the 100m in 12.0, the 200m in 24.7 and the long jump with a best clearance of 5m 73.

Tom ran 17.5 for 100m hurdles and he threw the discus 12m 45 and the javelin, a PB 23m 81. And Leo was 2nd in the hammer with 35m 47 and his discus throw of 20m 64 was a PB. There was much praise for Leo's breast stroke in the steeplechase water jump but an infringement was spotted by the judges leading to our 2nd disqualification of the day!

Finally, a strong sprint relay team of Joseph, Luke, Tom and Sam won the 4 x 100m relay in 47.4.

Our Under 20 Women results are easily reported! Eve McMahon threw the javelin 26m 40 for 4th place. She was joined by Under 17s Stephanie, Abigael and Lilly-Ann in the 4 x 100m relay, getting the baton around in 53.7 for a 2nd place finish.

In the Under 20 Men events we had Ben Apps, Ethan Harrison and Darion Moore competing. Each achieved a PB. Ben was 2nd in the 100m in 11.6 and his 23.8 for 200m was a great improvement on his previous best of 24.3 from 2017. He also high jumped 1m 60. Darion ran 12.1 for 100m, 59.2 for 400m and, in the Field, he long jumped 3m 70 and put the shot a PB 7m 97. Ethan also record a PB in the shot with a best of 7m 48. And he ran 25.8 for 200m and 55.0 for 400m..

Ben, Ethan, Darion and Under 17 Leo were 3rd in the 4 x 100m relay in 47.2 - that's just 2 secs off the Under 20 club record.

Thanks to team manager Lee Coupland and our officials Steve James, Dave Whitehead, Lesley Scott, Lee Coupland, Katy Coupland and Ethan Harrison.

Full results | Results for Southport Waterloo

29th June 2019: Junior combined eventers compete in Stockport Quadrathlon

The Stockport Quadrathlon returned to Manchester Sportcity on Saturday with a very impressive organisation providing 4-event competition for Under 9s, Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 15s. The weather on Saturday was the warmest day of the year in central England and provided a glorious backdrop for this event albeit the heat affected performances, particularly in the middle distance events.

The Under 9s and Under 11s did 75m, Vortex Ball, 600m and Long Jump. The older competitors did 100m, Shot Put, 800m and Long Jump.

The meeting was superbly and slickly organised by Stockport Track & Field. A new club or Stockport Harriers by another name? Some readers will remember Stockport's other club, DASH Athletics, which in turn Merged with Stockport Harriers. My understanding is that that element has de-merged to form Stockport Track & Field which has only existed for a couple of weeks so they have done very well to bring this event to the local athletics community.

Southport Waterloo is, of course, gaining a reputation for combined events and 6 of our youngsters took part at Sportcity.

Under 13 Lucy Mitchell ran 15.20 for 100m, put the shot 4m 75, long jumped 3m 26 and ran 3:00.74 for 800m. Lucy is in her first season with the club and so three of her events were first time competition. She totalled 137 points.

Under 13 Charlotte Hughes ran 15.78 for 100m, put the shot 4m 56, long jumped 3m 07 and ran 3:14.58 for 800m for a total of 114 points.

Under 13 Holly Hudson ran 15.86 for 100m, put the shot 4m 98, long jumped 2m 47 and ran 3:25.46 for 800m totalling 93 points.

Under 13 Sammy Pickerill ran 14.95 for 100m, put the shot 5m 30 (a PB) , long jumped 3m 62 and ran 2:43.80 for 800m totalling 168 points

Under 15 Amber Hughes ran a PB 13.04 for 100m, put the shot 10m 26, long jumped 4m 30 and ran 2:44.28 for 800m. Amber's total of 270 placed her 4th overall in the competition.

Under 15 Niamh Procter ran a PB 14.16 for 100m, put the shot a PB 6m 82, long jumped 4m 07 and ran 2:59.79 for 800m, a season's best. So some good performances there to total 201 for the competition.

22nd/23rd June 2019: Strong SWAC presence at Reg'l Schools Combined Events Champs

8 SWAC Athletes represented their counties at last weekend's North West County Schools qualifying meeting in Crewe. The competition is primarily a team event but competitors can qualify for the finals as individuals as well.

We will start of with Inter Girl Abigael Bamber who was representing Lancashire. Abi had a fantastic first day running a PB 14.0 in the 80 hurdles followed by a solid HJ of 1.26 a SB of 9.22 in the shot and a 26.8 200m which had her positioned 14th at the end of day one and well on target for a Heptathlon PB score. Day 2 couldn't have started any better with a 4.58 PB long jump effort first up. Abi then took on the javelin which unfortunately did not go to plan as she recorded 3 no throws. She picked herself up to run a creditable 800 to finish with a total score of 2920 and a 16th place overall and a 3rd place challenge for her Lancashire team.

Now on to our 7 Merseyside representatives. In the Junior Girls category 3 of the 4 athletes were from Southport Waterloo; Katie Piercy, Niamh Procter and Amber Hughes.  Katie, recently back from a serious injury, had a good day starting with 13.5 in the hurdles followed by a PB 9.56 in the shot. She then followed up with a 1.28 HJ then a second PB of 4.30 in the Long Jump. She then rounded off her day with a 3.06 800m and a score of 2099 and a 17th place position overall. Niamh started off with a 14.6 hurdles followed by a PB 6.76 in the Shot a 1.28 HJ and a 3.86 LJ and 3.04 in the 800m. This gave Niamh a total of 1736 and a 21st placed finish. As team manager, I was extremely grateful to Niamh who only found out she was competing the day before as another athlete was injured and so she competed without much preparation. So hats off to her. Our final Junior Girl was Amber Hughes who had a great battle with a Cheshire athlete throughout the day. She started with a PB 11.8 in the hurdles then 3 very good efforts of 10.09 in the Shot, 1.49 HJ and a 4.48 LJ. This left her with needing to defeat the Cheshire athlete by 7 seconds in the 800m which she had a great front running go at to record a time of 2.40.1 which was not quite enough to overhaul the leader but was good enough for 2nd place overall in a Club Record 2838 and gained herself automatic qualification to the national finals in Exeter in September. The girls' team were involved in a great battle all day with the Greater Manchester and Lancashire squads and finished in an excellent 2nd place as a team. Amelia Jordan who finished 12th overall from Wirral AC was the 4th member of the team.

Finally our Inter Boys who took on the 2 day Octathlon. The whole team was made up from SWAC athletes Leo Christian, Drumayne Moore, Luke Suarez and Sam Coupland. I'll start with Drumayne. He started with a LJ of 5.15 followed by a 22.08 Discus and a Javelin  throw of 24.33. He rounded of day 1 with a 400m in 57.5. His 2nd day began with a sprint hurdles in a time of 17.7 followed by a HJ of 1.50 then a Shot Putt of 7.78. He then completed his competition with a 1500m of 5.43.6 which was a PB. His final position overall was 15th in 2926 points. Now to Leo who as this was his first CE competitions was taking on a lot of the events for the first time. He started with a 4.95 LJ and a 18.14 in the Discus. He threw the Javelin 21.15 and finished day 1 with a 56.9 400m. His day 2 commenced with 17.3 in the hurdles followed by an extremely entertaining HJ. Leo attempted at least 6 different techniques at the bar (none of them which we coach at Litherland) which ended on a height of 1.50 being eventually his best. I do swear that he knocked the bar off with his nose on one occasion!!! He then threw the shot 6.59 and rounded off his comp with a 4.56.9 1500m. All 8 of Leo's marks were personal bests and he ended up with a total of 3003 and a 14th overall placing. Next up is Luke Suarez who led the comp after an excellent LJ of 5.97 which he followed up with a 20.66 Discus throw. He then had us on edge in the Javelin (last year he had three no throws) by fouling his first two efforts before safely getting his third throw in with a PB 16.77. He then ran the 400 in 55.4.  Luke started day 2 with a PB in the hurdles of 15.8 followed by an excellent HJ and a second PB of 1.71. He then recorded 8.76 in the Shot and finished his day with a PB of 5.13.0 in the 1500. This gave Luke an 8th place finish and a PB total of 3594.

Finally on the individual front we have Sam Coupland. He commenced his competition with a 5.89 LJ backed up with a 26.02 Discuss throw. His Javelin went 29.99 and he rounded off his day with an excellent 53.0 in the 400m which was a PB and left him 2nd overall overnight. He started day 2 winning the hurdles in 15.2 a PB and smashed another PB with a 1.83 HJ. He then threw the shot 8.68 to lie 2nd overall going into the 1500. Lee did the maths (we will have more from him later) and Sam had to beat the leading Staffordshire athlete by 10 seconds to win the competition. He duly obliged running a PB 4.46.4 and a winning total of 4271. This mark also sets a new club record!!

Finally to the team event where we had a cracking battle again with the Greater Manchester and Lancashire squads. I did find it amusing when walking over from the Girls HJ to see Lee with pen and paper doing his best Stephen Hawkins calculations and talking the 4 lads  through the permutations of how we could claw back the 300 or so points in the final event, which although was fantastic in its theory wasn't quite as good in practice and we remained in an excellent 2nd place

Finally and I'm sure Lee Coupland and Mike Dandy would agree these 8 athletes were a pleasure to be around all weekend and as Team Manager I couldn't have asked any more of them. I actually received an e mail from one Merseyside official and 1 official from another county praising their behaviour, overall conduct and the way they all thanked their officials after the events had finished. My response was a simple one: they compete for Southport Waterloo!!  Good Luck to Sam and Amber in the finals in September and anyone who fancies having a go at combined events please see myself, Lee or David at Litherland.

Full results

22nd June 2019: Clougha Pike fell race

The fifth SWAC fell grand prix race took place on Saturday at Quernmore Sports.  The Darren Jones Clougha Pike Fell Race was a short 7.9km, with 400m of climb, out and back from the Quernmore showground up to Clougha Pike.

Five SWAC runners enjoyed, a warm sunny afternoon with views of Morecambe Bay and were rewarded with a fine selection of cakes in the village hall.

The race was won by Darren Kay of Calder Valley Fel lRunners in a time of 39:42 and the First Lady was Beth Hanson of Ambelside AC in a time of 47:24. First home for the club was John Sprackland with a time of 56:39, followed by Paul Hill in 61:20, Graham Liu in 65:36, Michelle Spencer 66:16 and Trace Allan in 68:21.

Thanks to Bowland Fell Runners for hosting the event

Special thanks to Elaine Sutton for the team photo and support

Results | FGP Table

The next Fell GP race is at Beetham Sports on Saturday 27th July, BS 9.3km with  283m climb, followed by Boulsworth Fell on Sunday 11th August and finally Thieveley Pike on Saturday 28th August

22nd June 2019: Harry Flanagan at England Under 20 Champs

On Saturday Harry Flanagan made the long trip down to Bedford for the England Under 20 and Under 23 Championships and European Trials. As a first year Under 23 the competition was always going to be tough, but the aim was to make the Semi Finals. Part of these Championships were streamed live through the BBC Website for the first time.

However, qualification was made even tougher when in call up it was announced that there would no longer be Semi Finals, but a straight Final, with the first two and two fastest losers progressing through.

Harry had Lane 1 in the third heat, with some big names in the race including Cameron Chalmers outside him, but at least he had people to chase down.

Harry ran a brilliant race and came into the second bend in a very strong position. As the stagger unwound Harry was in 5th position, which he held all the way down the home straight to finish in a time of 49.40. In his first ever competition at this level Harry finished 11th out of all the athletes. With more experience under his belt and another two years in this age group, the future for Harry is looking very bright.

22nd June 2019: U13s / U15s face rallying call to avoid YDL relegation

We enjoyed 'proper' athletics weather on Saturday at Trafford for Round 3 of the YDL LAG match, in marked contrast to the torrential rain when we were there in April for Round 1. And there were several times during the course of the afternoon when we had cause to hope we could beat Wigan but with a weakened teamsheet it wasn't to be and we are now in the relegation zone! The match scores on Saturday were Team Isle of Man 519 pts and Trafford were 2nd with 513. (As we left the venue it was announced that there was a tie for 1st place but an error gave victory to the Isle of Man composite team.) Crewe & Nantwich scored 454, Wigan 415.5, Southport Waterloo 392.5 and Team North Cumbria 268. So we were 5th on the day and now lie 5th after 3 matches, 1 League point and 26 match points behind Wigan, the only club we can hope to beat to avoid relegation. If that was the bad news, the worse news is that Wigan hosts the final fixture in July and so they can be certain to field a strong squad.

Even with a strong turnout at Wigan in the final match we can still stay up in Div'n 1. Team manager Graham Boreham, himself a member of the Under 13 squad at the time, recalls the match at Sportcity in 2006 when we came from behind to stay up by relegating mighty Blackpool on that occasion.

The fact is, however, that we have struggled for Under 15 Boys in particular this year. We have a number of excellent young athletes but we need to be picking up points across virtually all events and that has proved to be well nigh impossible.

Amongst the obvious quality on display on Saturday, we had 4 event winners and 27 PBs achieved. The best performances were by Monty Barr, Lauren Byrne and Katiie Piercy who all achieved Grade 2 standards, Lauren and Katie winning their throws events and Monty running under 5 minutes for 1500m for the first time.

Our Under 13 Girls were Lauren Byrne, Emily Dean, Holly Hudson, Apphia Keenan, Lucy Mitchell, Charlotte Hughes and Hannah Murray. The best event for us here was the shot where Lauren won with a grade 2 8m 11 and Holly won the 'B' with 5m 82, both PBs. In fact, surprisingly, these were the only PBs by our Under 13 Girls; although many were just a whisker away! Lauren also ran 12.8 in the hurdles and high jumped 1m 30.

Hannah ran well in the sprints, 11.0 and 21.9 and she long jumped 3m 88. Lucy also ran the 75m, in 11.7, in her first competitive race for the club over that distance that propels her into 4th place in the club rankings. She also ran an 800m in 2:51.7. Charlotte also ran a sprint, running 24.0 for 150m and she long jumped 2m 03.

Over the 1200m distance, Emily ran 4:27.7 for 3rd place. The final track athletes were Holly Hudson who ran 3:10 for 800m to go with her shot PB and throwing 11m 21 in the javelin; and Apphia who won the 'B' hurdles in 13.0. Apphia also high jumped 1m 20 and she threw the javelin 18m 06 for 3rd place in that event.

The girls ran 59.4 in the relay, exactly the same time as they ran at Litherland.

Our Under 13 Boys were Monty Barr, Adam Bamber, Jack Bradshaw, Adam Byrne, Rueben Donnelly and Luke Ward. Monty looked really strong in the 1500m running his first sub-5 minute time of 4:54.9. This is a good example of why its important to stay up in this Division where, on average, we can expect higher competition that spurs on our athletes. A great run by Monty was only good enough for 3rd place at this level! Monty also ran a 31.1 secs 200m and his 16.0 for 75m hurdles was a PB and won the 'B' competition.

Adam Byrne was our only event winner here. He won the shot with 7m 04. A good multi-eventer, he was also 2nd in the hurdles with 15.3 and 2nd in the high jump with a 1m 35 clearance. Luke ran 14.9 and 29.8 in the sprints and 2:36.9 for a 3rd place in the 800m; another talented all-rounder.

In the throws, Adam Bamber was 2nd placed in the javelin competition with a PB 23m 56. He also put the shot 5m 19 and high jumped 1m 05

Rueben ran 16.9 for 100m and 5:27 for 1500m along with a PB in the long jump of 3m 19. Finally, Jack's long jump of 2m 93 was also a PB as was his 3:23 800m run.

Holly Bradshaw, Jenna Christian, Amber Hughes, Millie Ireland, Sierra Jalloh, Eleanor James, Annabel Lockie, Rachel Murphy, Katie Piercy, Libby Simpson, and Elizabeth Wake were our Under 15 Girls; our largest squad at Trafford. Amber and Katie were our event winners. Katie won the javelin with a grade 2 standard 30m 20 with Amber winning the 'B' competition with a PB 27m 39. Positions were reversed in the shot where Amber won with 9m 42 and Katie took the 'B' honours with a best of 9m 06. Millie's hammer throw of 14 metres was a season's best and her 6:30 in the 1500m was a PB. She was joined in both events by Annabel Lockie who threw a PB 13m 82 in the hammer and ran a season's best 6:20 in the 1500m. Libby's discus throw of 18m 78 was a PB as was Holly's 11m 63. These two teamed up again in the 300m with very similar PB performances, Holly running 46.0 and Libby 46.5, an impressive improvement. Libby also ran 16.9 for 75m hurdles, exactly the same time as Elizabeth ran in the 'B' race. Elizabeth also ran 2:39 for 800m and she high jumped 1m 25.

Sierra was our main sprinter running 13.1 and 26.9 against some very talented (and older) girls. Rachel was our other sprinter running 14.9 and a PB 30.2 and long jumping 3m 89.Also in the long jump, Jenna cleared a PB 3m 81 and she equalled her PB in the high jump clearing 1m 40. Eleanor ran 2:41 for 800m

The girls were last in their 4 x 100m relay race but can be pleased to finish in 60.5 following a dropped baton. They reacted correctly by not panicking. Stop, pick up the baton and finish the race!

Libby, Elizabeth, Eleanor and Holly got the baton around without incident in the 4 x 300m in 3:13.

Our Under 15 Boys were Jack Bamber, Marcus Burgess, Rhys Hulse and Lucas Smith. Four is a far cry from the 11 Under 15 Girls. There may not have been the numbers there for us, and no event winners, but what really impresses here is the number of PBs. Out of 12 performances there were 9 PBs, ie 75%.

Rhys ran 12.7 for 100m, 25.5 for 200m and a great long jump of 5m 21. Marcus ran 13.7 for 100m, 16.3 for the 80m hurdles and he put the shot 8m 14; all PBs. Lucas also achieved three PBs from three events. He high jumped 1m 50, threw the discus 19 metres and the javelin 20m 73. And Jack put the shot 5m 41, threw the javelin 26 metres and the hammer 16m 03.

No relays here I'm afraid!

Thanks to our officials who all earn points for the team: Dave Whitehead, Steve James, Chris Henders, John Byrne, Ann Dignan and Carole Bamber. And thanks to team manager Graham Boreham who, as always, got the best out of his team today.

The critical Wigan fixture is on Saturday 20th July. Put it in your diary!

Full results | Results for Southport Waterloo


19th June 2019: 7 club juniors selected for English Schools

The selectors for the Merseyside team going to the English Schools Track & Field Champs met last week and I am now able to report the seven Southport Waterloo athletes who have been included. They are:

Amber Hughes, Junior Girls' Shot

Sierra Jalloh, Junior Girls' 200m

Stephanie Robertson, Inter Girls' 80m Hurdles

Bekki Roche, Inter Girls' Hammer

Joshua Stammers, Inter Boys' Long Jump

Sam Coupland, Inter Boys' Long Jump

Ben Apps, Senior Boys' Triple Jump

Well done to all selected, particularly as four of them are 1st year in the age category; and our best wishes for success at the championships in Birmingham on 12th and 13th July. Of course, some others will have come very close to selection but miss out this year. Olivia Logan ran 4:46.07 at Stretford last night against a 1500m entry standard of 4:45.0 but that was just too late to be considered.

The full county teams will appear on the English Schools web site in due course. Graham Pilkington will be part of the Merseyside management team.


And a number of our Year 7 members have been selected for the annual Merseyside v Cheshire schools match at Ellesmere Port on Wednesday 3rd July. They are: Adam Byrne (High Jump), Will Collins (200m), Lauren Byrne (70m Hurdles & High Jump,) Hannah Murray (100m, Shot & Relay), and Emily Dean (1500m). Sammy Pickerill is a reserve for the 800m.

18th June 2019: New record of Southport Waterloo Best Performances

A new record of best performances by Southport Waterloo athletes has been drawn up to include both Track & Field and Road Running for which no club records have existed previously.

The list has been drawn up from existing records and personal knowledge but would benefit from scrutiny to bring to light any best performances I've missed.

The Record is linked from here but can also be found on the left hand panel of the Club Records and the Road Running pages.

For athletics officionados, there is a similar listing for Merseyside athletes on the County web site, linked from the T&F page. - click

Best Performances

16th June 2019: 4th place finish for Northern senior T&F team

Round 2 of the Northern Senior Track & Field League was a home fixture for the club at the Litherland Sports Park. The objective this year is to consolidate our standing in Division 2W. We were 3rd of the 6 teams at Preston in Round 1 and were 4th at Litherland on Sunday so staying in mid-table. However, except for Preston (almost certain to be promoted) and Seaton (who are almost certain to be relegated) the team performances have been varied so far. For example, Blackpool were 5th in Round 1 and 2nd in Round 2, and I think all the other four clubs, including Southport Waterloo, all now have 7 League points. So safety is not yet assured! Strong performances are needed - and expected - in the next two Rounds. We might have hoped for a stronger teamsheet for a home fixture but if people are not available I guess it doesn't matter whether its a home or an away fixture.

Sunday's scores were Preston 399 points, Blackpool Wyre & Fylde 381.5, Leigh 364, Southport Waterloo 322, Bolton United 294.5 and Seaton 212. In the end, It was only officials' points that allowed us to come out above Bolton.

Looking at the points in terms of Track and Field, we were 4th in the Field events and 5th on the Track. Certainly there were some excellent track performances from other club runners but we must improve here to stay up in Division 2. I'm confidence we have the runners to do that.

Our Women's team today comprised Abigael Bamber, Clare Constable, Katy Coupland, Megan Howarth, Lauren Lewis, Eve McMahon, Julie McSloy, Lucy Milling, Stephanie Robertson, Bekki Roche, Olivia Taylor and Freya Walsh. 12 athletes on the teamsheet is a big improvement on some past seasons! And there were no fewer than 8 season's bests and 3 PBs.

Katy is the backbone of this team, competing in 6 events. Apart from the relay, she ran a season's best 28.8 for 100m hurdles, 37.2 for 200m, high jumped 1m 10 put the shot a season's best 7m 44 and, saving the best for last, won the discus competition with 29m 18, another season's best. Bekki was the other event winner in both the 4 kg shot competition with 11m 52 and the 4 kg hammer with 45m 54. She also won the 'B' discus with 26m 17. Continuing with the throws, Megan threw the 600g javelin 26m 21 and the hammer 20 metres, Eve also threw the javelin with a best of 25m 37.

Back on the track, Clare was 2nd in the 800m running a season's best 2:22.6 and her 400m run in 63.1 was another season's best. Stephanie was 3rd in the 100m in 12.7. With a PB of 12.69 set at the county champs, this was a really good run in the wet conditions. She also long jumped a PB 5m 09. Lauren also ran in the 100m and her 13.0 was another season's best. She also long jumped 3m 83 and triple jumped a season's best 9m 18. Another sprinter Abigael equalled her best this year with 26.3 in the 200m and she continues to improve in the high jump clearing a PB 1m 30 today.

In the middle and distance events Olivia improved her PB to 2:34.8 to finish 2nd 'B', Lucy ran a good 1500m in 5:11.5 and newcomer Julie McSloy took on the challenge of the 3000m running 14:42, before running a lap of the 4 x 400m. with Lucy, Freya and Clare - who ran the fastest split of 64.7.

Our Men's team comprised Ben Apps, Graham Boreham, Nathan Byrne, Chris Burgess, Lee Coupland, Sam Coupland, Stephen Flanagan, Ethan Harrison, Barrie Hughes, Andrew Kershaw, Darion Moore, Francois Rafferty, Joshua Stammers, Luke Suarez and Mike Taylor. 15 athletes.

There were no event wins other than the 4 x 100m relay which Chris, Luke, Josh and Ben won in 45.4. Graham, Darion, Ethan and Sam were also 2nd in the 4 x 400m in 3:39.7, about 3 secs faster than at Preston, Sam had the fastest split, an impressive 52.6.

In the sprint races, Luke ran a season's best 11.9 for 100m and long jumped 6m 09. Darion was the 'B' 100m runner, in 12.1 and Chris ran 12.2 as a non-scorer. Joshua was our 'A 200m runner running 24.3 and he won the 'B' long jump with 5m 68. Ethan was our 'B' 200m runner in 25,2 and he was 2nd 'B' over 400m in 55.2. Ethan also high jumped 1m 45. Graham ran 2:10.2 for 800m and 54.9 for 400m. Andrew chose this league for his first Track outing of the season. He ran 2:01 so clearly getting back to real race fitness.

Our 1500m runners were Francois and Mike. Mike ran 4:46 in his first race over this distance for the club. He also triple jumped 8m 82. Francois ran 4:52.6, a 4 secs improvement over his run at litherland in this league back in 2017. Francois also competed in the 5000m which he also ran in 2017. He was 3rd in 17:00.2 today, 18 secs faster than in 2017! Stephen was our 2nd 5000m runner. He ran 21:25 in his track 5K, having run 21:43 on the roads.

Sam and Lee both competed in the 400m hurdles, Lee in 95.6 and Sam, in his first time in this event, in 68.2. Sam was also 3rd in both the pole vault, with a best clearance of 3 metres, and the high jump, clearing 1m 75.

In the throws, Nathan made a welcome return to the team. He threw the discus 27m 35 and put the shot 9m 17. Lee threw a season's best in the hammer, 20m 20, 19m 64 in the discus and he triple jumped 8m 73. Barrie is becoming established as an athlete as well as a coach and official. He threw two PBs at Litherland; 17.43 in the hammer and 22m 03 in the javelin. Chris threw the javelin 28m 05 and put the shot 8m 18.

Thanks to team manager Lee Coupland and all who helped with this home fixture. Particular thanks go to Emma Howarth who stepped in on the day to be results recorder, a key role in hosting any meeting.

Match 3 is at Leigh Sports Village on Sunday 14th July.

Full results (when published) | Results for Southport Waterloo athletes.

14th June 2019: 3 club seniors feature in M'side GP Vet standings

With 5 of the 10 Merseyside Road Grand Prix races now completed, the county has published individual and vet standings for the year so far. The highest standings by Southport Waterloo runners go to two of the club's top masters. Sue Cooper is currently 2nd in the 60+ category and Mike Walker leads the men 65+. Graham Liu is also doing well, 4th MV50.

Sue Cooper is also our highest placed runner in the Women's general standings, at 39th of 414 women who have competed in at least 1 GP race. Mike Walker is our highest placed man, at 27th of the 495 listed.

Southport Waterloo's Women are ranked 11th in the overall team standings and our Men are 8th.

M'side GP Standings

8th June 2019: Ten M'side Schools champions at Bebington

The third outdoor T&F Championships of the season - the county schools championships - took place on Saturday with the Merseyside championships being held at Bebington Oval on the Wirral. These championships were not generally well attended. There were many more entries than participants on the day, perhaps because of the wet and windy conditions that did nothing to aid performances, and so there were several gaps in the track programme as many races were run as finals without the need for heats. Where there were heats and finals, as in the 100m, competition was fierce and some excellent times achieved.

Overall, these championships were more like Wirral School Games rather than a Merseyside event with few participants from across the Mersey. The weather will have played a part but it can't have helped for Liverpool schools to have held their T&F championships last Thursday and Friday!

Schools championships are for Juniors, Inters and Seniors, equating to Under 15s, Under 17s and Under 20s in UKA-speak, but there were also non-championship events for Year 7 pupils. In the main championships, athletes are competing for places in the Merseyside team going to the English Schools T&F Champs in Birmingham in July, but the first hurdle for most is to reach the English Schools Entry Standard. I believe the Merseyside selectors will meet on Monday to select their team.

Achieving the Entry Standard 'on-the-day' at Bebington were Junior Girl Sierra Jalloh in the 100m, Inter Girl Stephanie Robertson in the 80m hurdles and Inter Girl Bekki Roche who exceeded both the Entry and National Standard in both the shot and hammer. Senior Boy Ben Apps, not at Bebington, has also achieved the triiple jump entry standard this season. Others may be sufficiently close to be asked to join the team. Apologies to anyone I've missed.

Our Year 7 Girl competitors were Lauren Byrne, Emily Dean and Hannah Murray. Hannah equalled her PB with a 3rd place in the 75m in 10.7, and she she put the shot 5m 79. Lauren won both the 70m hurdles race in 12.7 and the high jump with a best clearance of 1m 35 in difficult conditions for all the girls. Emily took on the 1200m and took the 3rd place award in 4:29.0.

Our Year 7 Boys were Adam Byrne, Will Collins and Sammy Pickerill. Adam was another winner in the high jump, clearing 1m 25. Will achieved PBs in both the 200m, running 33.9, and the long jump with 3m 45. Sammy ran in the 800m getting around in 2:36.8

Our Junior Girl competitors were Jenna Christian, Amber Hughes, Sierra Jalloh, Katie Piercy and Niamh Procter. Sierra was outstanding in both 100m and 200m. In the 100m heats she was 2nd in 12.8 and 2nd again in the final in a great new PB time of 12.5, in both cases just behind West Cheshire's Imogen Pughe, above her in the national rankings. (There was no wind speed for this final as the wind gauge blew over in pieces during the 3000m; but the wind had dropped and would have been legal I think.) In the 200m race she won her heat in 26.4 and won the final, easing back to finish in 26.8. Amber was our second champion in this age group, putting the shot 10m 25, her 2nd put over 10 metres this year!. She was also 2nd in the javelin with 23m 16. Katie took two 2nd places with 9m 07 in the shot and 23m 01 in the discus.

Our Junior Boys were Rhys Hulse and Jonathon Pilkington. Jonathon was a joint 1st place champion in the high jump with a 1m 40 clearance and he ran 14.4 for 80m hurdles. Rhys ran 12.4 for 100m and long jumped 5m 05 for 3rd place; both performances new PBs.

Niamh's 14.1 for the hurdles was a new PB and she long jumped 3m 96. Jenna equalled her high jump PB with a 1m 40 clearance and she threw the javelin 14m 95.

Megan Howarth, Stephanie Robertson, Bekki Roche and Olivia Taylor competed as Inter Girls. Three emerged as Merseyside Schools Champions. Bekki was again outstanding, winning both the shot and hammer competitions with 13m 00 and 53m 07, both English Schools National Standards! Bekki must be a strong medal contender at English Schools.

Megan won the javelin competition with 34m 52. On the track, Stephanie took 2nd place in the 100m running 12.7 secs and a great run in the 80m hurdles gave her a win in that event in an Entry Standard 11.9 secs. And Olivia took 2nd place in the 800m race, working her way nicely through the field to finish 2nd in 2:35.5, just a tenth of a second off her PB.

Our Inter Boy competitors were Leo Christian, Sam Coupland, Joseph Kane, Drumayne Moore and Joshua Stammers. Leo emerged as champion in the hammer competition throwing a best of 32m 20. Double champion Sam won the long jump with 6m 27 and came through in the last 80m to win a combined Inter and Senior 400m race in a PB 54.2. Josh also long jumped, a best today of 6m 07 but with several faulted longer jumps. His 11.7 in a brilliant 100m final was also a PB in a legal wind of only 1.3 m/sec. Joe won his heat of the 100m in 11.6 and improved on that with a PB 11.5 finishing 2nd in one of the best finals of the day. Drumayne equalled his 400m hurdles PB with 67.8 for 3rd and he cleared 1m 45 for another 3rd in the high jump.

Its also worth commenting on the quality of our Inter Boy / Under 17 long jumpers. The rankings show three between 6m 26 and 6m 29: Luke Suarez, Sam Coupland and, out in front, Josh Stammers. Friendly competition will see all of them progress onwards and upwards!

Eve McMahon was our only Senior Girl. She was 2nd in the javelin with 27m 89.

Ethan Harrison and Darion Moore were our Senior Boys. Darion was 2nd in the 100m in a PB 11.8, Ethan given the same time - and another PB - for 3d place. In the 400m, it was Ethan who came through in 2nd place in 56.7 and Darion was 3rd in 58.2.

Full results | Results for Southport Waterloo athletes

At Lancashire Schools Champs at the Blackpool track, Abigael Bamber won the Inter Girls' 300m in 42.0, a new PB time.

6th June 2019: Three seniors take on 11.3 kms in Fell GP4

The fourth SWAC Fell Grand Prix race of the season took place on the evening of Thursday 6th June at the Loe Poland Memorial Fell Race (formerly Henderson’s End).  The race itself was the first medium distance race in the series, with 11.3km and approx 450m of climb, above Rivington Barn, including Rivington Pike, Two Lads and Winter Hill. 

The three SWAC members enjoying the event, following a brief shower during the start, were treated to rainbows over Rivington Pike and a beautiful sunny evening competing on the challenging course . The race was won by Michael Clayton of Ribble Valley Harriers in a time of 45:08 and the First Lady was Lindsey Brindle of Horwich RMI Harriers & AC in a time of 55:23. First home for the club was Paul Hill with a time of 1:09:09, followed by  Graham Liu in 1:10:24 and Billy Hargreaves in 1:35:59.

Thanks to Lostock AC for hosting the event

Results | Fell GP Table

The next Fell GP race is at Clougha Pike on Saturday 22nd June, AS 7.9km with 400m climb, followed by Beetham Sports on Saturday 27th July, Boulsworth Fell on Sunday 11th August and finally Thieveley Pike on Saturday 28th August.

1st June 2019: Harry Flanagan runs 400m in Northern Senior Champs

It is said that making the transition from junior to the senior ranks in athletics or any other sport is a tough challenge but Harry Flanagan is taking that challenge on. He was at Sportcity on Saturday for Day 1 of the Northern Under 20 and Senior Championships and competing in his new event of 400m. There were 3 qualifying heats and no semis so I presume the 1st two from each heat and the next two fastest went forward to the Final. Harry took no chances, winning his heat comfortably and slowing down before the line in 49.48. A quality field in the Final included GB athlete Lee Thompson so medal places would be keenly contested. Harry finished in 5th place running 49.13, just a hundredth of a second behind 4th place; Lee Thompson winning in a remarkably fast season's best 46.62.

So perhaps a baptism of fire but a good entry by Harry into Northern senior 400m running.

1st June 2019: Mid Lancs males in line to win Div'n 2 trophy

The start of 'flaming June' was mostly a wet affair at the UCLAN Arena in Preston for Round 3 of the Mid Lancs T&F League on Saturday. But conditions were otherwise pretty good for competing athletes, including those looking for a good performance ahead of next weekend's county schools championships.

I can always tell how busy a Mid Lancs fixture has been by the number of pages of results, and Saturday's was the biggest this year.

Sadly, the local fixture didn't attract many Southport Waterloo athletes; just 8 females and 11 males, the same in total as competed in the last YDL Upper. Although this league is not treated as competitively at club level, we finished last in the Women's Div'n 1 and were surprisingly top scorers again in the Men's Division 2 where we are well placed to be promoted back to Div'n 1 winning the Division 2 champions trophy!

There was an incident in the hammer event today with an official being struck by a hammer that bounced off an upright. Fortunately, the official should make a full recovery but it does emphasise the need for everyone to take special care in and around long throws. They don't always go where intended! The incident disrupted the early 100m races - the young girls I think - awaiting the arrival of an ambulance.

Our Under 13 Girls were Lauren Byrne, Apphia Keenan, Hannah Keenan and Amelia Thompson. Hannah had a good day running a PB 2:45.9 in the 800m and, in her first 200m race, her time of 31.5 shot her to the top of this year's Under 13 rankings! And Hannah is just a first year Under 13. Lauren threw the discus 15m 88, for 3rd place, long jumped 3m 39 - 34 girls in this competition! - and she had the 3rd fastest time over three heats of the 70m hurdles running 12.8. Both performances were graded standards.

Apphia ran a PB 14.8 for 100m, 13.4 for 70m hurdles and she threw the discus 10m 85. And, in her first outing for the club, Amelia ran 15.3 for 100m, and 33.4 for 200m.

Our Under 13 Boys were Monty Barr, Adam Byrne, Sammy Pickerill and Luke Ward. Adam won the discus competition with a best of 18m 17. He also ran 15.4 for 75m hurdles and he cleared 1m 30 in the high jump. Luke ran a 14.3 100m, a 29.6 200m and was most impressive in his first 1500m race, finishing 3rd in 5:15; a graded standard performance in his his first race over the distance. Monty also ran a good 1500m race finishing 2nd in 5:04.5. Sammy ran 2:31.7 for 800m, 5th of 12 boys, and he threw the javelin 12m 60.

Jessica Keenan and Katie Piercy competed as Under 15 Girls. Katie threw the discus a PB 24m 14, a grade 3 standard, for 2nd place. Jessica ran 14.9 for 100m and 16.4 for 75m hurdles.

Marcus Burgess was our only Under 15 Boy. He ran a great 100m in 13.9, significantly improving his previous best of 14.3. He also ran 16.9 for 80m hurdles and he put the shot 7m 79.

Megan Howarth was our sole Under 17 Woman. She won the javelin contest with a best of 28m 08.

We had a great group of Under 17 Men at Preston. Josh Stammers ran an impressive 11.8 for 100m, improving his PB from 12.1. There was only a tenth of a second between the first 4 boys in this race, all crossing the line virtually together. With three 6 metre jumps, he was also 2nd in the long jump with a best of 6m 04. Sam won the long jump, nudging up his PB to 6m 09, and he threw the javelin 31m 51, a new PB in a new event, for 2nd place! Drumayne also competed in javelin and massively improved his PB to 25m 11. His shot put of 7m 98 was a Season' Best and he threw the discus 20m 02.

Katy Coupland competed in the Senior Women's throws, with a best of 26m 67 for 2nd in discus and 15m 32 in the javelin competition.

All of our competing Senior Men achieved a Personal or a Season's Best today so there were some very good performances; boosting our success in Division 2 this season. Chris Burgess ran 12.1 and 25.0 for the sprint double, both SBs, and he put the shot 8m 47. Graham Boreham ran 54.1 for 400m, 2nd in the race, and 25.0 for 200m his fastest time since July '17, also run in the Mid Lancs League in Preston! And Mike Taylor improved on his 2:19.8 run in the 800m at Hyndburn by running 2:17.2 today. Good to see committed training paying off.

Thanks to team manager Lee Coupland and our team of officials; Dave Whitehead, Lesley Scott, Lee Coupland, John Byrne, Mike Dandy and Katy Coupland.

Results | Results for Southport Waterloo