Waterloo 5k Race

7th May 2007

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
1 1st 1st u/40M 1st M Adam Clansey PembSeft 17:08 5m30s 3m25s
2 2nd 2nd u/40M 2nd M Stephen Donegan PembSeft 18:30 5m57s 3m42s
3 3rd 3rd u/40M 3rd M Keith Lunt Littlwds 18:58 6m06s 3m47s
4 4th 4th u/40M 4th M David Gough SptWloo 19:28 6m15s 3m53s
5 5th 5th u/40M 5th M Paul Cliff Liv RC 19:43 6m20s 3m56s
6 6th 1st u/35L 1st L Kirsty Longley PembSeft 20:05 6m27s 4m01s
7 7th 1st M50 6th M Jim Crehan 20:49 6m41s 4m09s
8 8th 2nd M50 7th M John Raftery Wallasey 21:04 6m46s 4m12s
9 9th 1st M40 8th M Peter Halpin 21:16 6m50s 4m15s
10 10th 3rd M50 9th M Shaun Back 21:23 6m52s 4m16s
11 11th 2nd M40 10th M Richard Johnson 21:24 6m53s 4m16s
12 12th 6th u/40M 11th M Don Lindop Wirkswor 21:29 6m54s 4m17s
13 13th 2nd u/35L 2nd L Julia Eccleston StHelens 21:56 7m03s 4m23s
14 14th 1st L50 3rd L Susan Crehan Sale H 22:08 7m07s 4m25s
15 15th 7th u/40M 12th M Jamie Jackson 22:25 7m12s 4m29s
16 16th 1st M45 13th M Michael Dandy PembSeft 22:32 7m15s 4m30s
17 17th 8th u/40M 14th M Steve McLaughlin 22:40 7m17s 4m32s
18 18th 9th u/40M 15th M Andrew Power 22:44 7m18s 4m32s
19 19th 10th u/40M 16th M Dan Thomas 22:57 7m23s 4m35s
20 20th 3rd M40 17th M John Milligan 22:58 7m23s 4m35s
21 21st 11th u/40M 18th M Dean Robinson 22:58 7m23s 4m35s
22 22nd 2nd M45 19th M Dave Leppert 23:10 7m27s 4m38s
23 23rd 3rd u/35L 4th L Clare Hogan 23:19 7m30s 4m39s
24 24th 4th M50 20th M P Howarth Formby R 23:32 7m34s 4m42s
25 25th 12th u/40M 21st M Mathew Deboe 23:53 7m41s 4m46s
26 26th 4th M40 22nd M Tony Robb PembSeft 24:04 7m44s 4m48s
27 27th 13th u/40M 23rd M Paul Thomas 24:07 7m45s 4m49s
28 28th 14th u/40M 24th M Paul Ross 24:10 7m46s 4m50s
29 29th 1st L35 5th L Diana Atkinson 24:14 7m47s 4m50s
30 30th 15th u/40M 25th M Daniel Metcalfe PembSeft 24:27 7m52s 4m53s
31 31st 5th M40 26th M Gary Mullen 24:46 7m58s 4m57s
32 32nd 6th M40 27th M M Callaghan 24:47 7m58s 4m57s
33 33rd 1st M60 28th M G Caples 24:55 8m01s 4m59s
34 34th 16th u/40M 29th M Simon Clarke 25:04 8m03s 5m00s
35 35th 17th u/40M 30th M Alex McGreal 25:09 8m05s 5m01s
36 36th 18th u/40M 31st M David O'Sullivan 25:10 8m05s 5m02s
37 37th 19th u/40M 32nd M Will Alexander 25:11 8m06s 5m02s
38 38th 7th M40 33rd M Colin Vose 25:21 8m09s 5m04s
39 39th 1st M55 34th M Graham O'Neill SptWloo 25:29 8m12s 5m05s
40 40th 20th u/40M 35th M Jonahtan McCrome 25:29 8m12s 5m05s
41 41st 3rd M45 36th M Clive James 25:33 8m13s 5m06s
42 42nd 4th u/35L 6th L Niz Bowker SptWloo 25:37 8m14s 5m07s
43 43rd 21st u/40M 37th M Simon Boldison 25:44 8m16s 5m08s
44 44th 2nd L35 7th L Diane Hawkes 26:05 8m23s 5m13s
45 45th 4th M45 38th M Vinny McGreal 26:21 8m28s 5m16s
46 46th 8th M40 39th M John Hogan 26:24 8m29s 5m16s
47 47th 9th M40 40th M Paul Walters 26:27 8m30s 5m17s
48 48th 5th u/35L 8th L Lisa Jane Lang Liv RC 26:41 8m35s 5m20s
49 49th 22nd u/40M 41st M George Rees 26:47 8m37s 5m21s
50 50th 1st L45 9th L Kath Mutt Formby R 27:00 8m41s 5m24s
51 51st 10th M40 42nd M Lawrence Bennett 27:07 8m43s 5m25s
52 52nd 3rd L35 10th L L Pinnington 27:07 8m43s 5m25s
53 53rd 5th M45 43rd M Andy Ball 27:20 8m47s 5m28s
54 54th 2nd M60 44th M Kevin Lynch 27:24 8m49s 5m28s
55 55th 2nd L50 11th L Sheila Harris 27:38 8m53s 5m31s
56 56th 11th M40 45th M Andy Wright 27:42 8m54s 5m32s
57 57th 6th M45 46th M R Bates 27:53 8m58s 5m34s
58 58th 1st L40 12th L Ruth Stockley 28:01 9m00s 5m36s
59 59th 4th L35 13th L Nicola Smith 28:08 9m03s 5m37s
60 60th 7th M45 47th M Chris Forster 28:26 9m08s 5m41s
61 61st 5th L35 14th L Sarah Reynolds 28:34 9m11s 5m42s
62 62nd 2nd L40 15th L Jo Gibson PennyLn 28:35 9m11s 5m43s
63 63rd 6th u/35L 16th L Shabana Sadiq 28:46 9m15s 5m45s
64 64th 12th M40 48th M Paul McKay 28:51 9m17s 5m46s
65 65th 6th L35 17th L Tracey Rose 29:00 9m19s 5m48s
66 66th 3rd L50 18th L Linda Ball 29:07 9m22s 5m49s
67 67th 2nd L45 19th L Denise Forster 29:19 9m26s 5m51s
68 68th 23rd u/40M 49th M Jerome Connolly 29:47 9m35s 5m57s
69 69th 3rd L40 20th L Pattie Kilroy 29:53 9m36s 5m58s
70 70th 24th u/40M 50th M Paul Budsworth 29:54 9m37s 5m58s
71 71st 7th u/35L 21st L Mary Lindop Wirkswor 29:58 9m38s 5m59s
72 72nd 7th L35 22nd L Gail Pearson 29:58 9m38s 5m59s
73 73rd 8th u/35L 23rd L Jane Shelton 29:59 9m38s 5m59s
74 74th 9th u/35L 24th L Rachel Kearney 30:32 9m49s 6m06s
75 75th 25th u/40M 51st M Martin Boyle 30:36 9m50s 6m07s
76 76th 10th u/35L 25th L Fiona Valentine 30:41 9m52s 6m08s
77 77th 8th L35 26th L Sally Jones RRunners 30:46 9m54s 6m09s
78 78th 9th L35 27th L Cheryl Madeley 30:46 9m54s 6m09s
79 79th 1st L55 28th L Olwen Kearney 30:53 9m56s 6m10s
80 80th 4th L50 29th L Linda Waldron 30:53 9m56s 6m10s
81 81st 26th u/40M 52nd M Harvey Coleman 31:08 10m01s 6m13s
82 82nd 11th u/35L 30th L Joanne Birchall 31:27 10m07s 6m17s
83 83rd 3rd L45 31st L Christine Beyga 31:38 10m10s 6m19s
84 84th 4th L45 32nd L Liz Plummer 31:57 10m16s 6m23s
85 85th 10th L35 33rd L Julie Thomas 32:06 10m19s 6m25s
86 86th 5th M50 53rd M David Williams 32:14 10m22s 6m26s
87 87th 27th u/40M 54th M Brian Nicholson 32:32 10m28s 6m30s
88 88th 4th L40 34th L J Waterhouse 32:40 10m30s 6m32s
89 89th 12th u/35L 35th L Mary Renton 32:48 10m33s 6m33s
90 90th 13th u/35L 36th L Susan Davies 32:57 10m36s 6m35s
91 91st 2nd L55 37th L Christine Lisle 33:09 10m40s 6m37s
92 92nd 28th u/40M 55th M Jerome Connolly 33:11 10m40s 6m38s
93 93rd 1st L60 38th L Jenny Peers 33:13 10m41s 6m38s
94 94th 5th L40 39th L Julie Ryan 33:20 10m43s 6m40s
95 95th 8th M45 56th M Dave Abbott 33:29 10m46s 6m41s
96 96th 6th L40 40th L Jane Trevena RRunners 33:39 10m49s 6m43s
97 97th 11th L35 41st L Georgia Irving RRunners 33:52 10m53s 6m46s
98 98th 5th L45 42nd L L Potts 34:01 10m56s 6m48s
99 99th 7th L40 43rd L Bernadette Deary 34:01 10m56s 6m48s
100 100th 29th u/40M 57th M Joseph Vis SptWloo 34:03 10m57s 6m48s
101 101st 5th L50 44th L Gilla V-Warnke 34:04 10m57s 6m48s
102 102nd 8th L40 45th L Mandy Jackson 34:04 10m57s 6m48s
103 103rd 6th L45 46th L Janine McDonald 34:04 10m57s 6m48s
104 104th 12th L35 47th L Susan Kinsella 34:08 10m59s 6m49s
105 105th 13th L35 48th L M Marrs Liv RC 34:12 11m00s 6m50s
106 106th 14th L35 49th L Amanda Nesbitt 34:48 11m11s 6m57s
107 107th 13th M40 58th M Ian Robinson 35:09 11m18s 7m01s
108 108th 9th L40 50th L Jayne Hains 35:11 11m19s 7m02s
109 109th 14th u/35L 51st L Kath Shannon 35:15 11m20s 7m03s
110 110th 30th u/40M 59th M Paul Conway 35:17 11m21s 7m03s
111 111th 15th u/35L 52nd L Sophie McCredie 35:33 11m26s 7m06s
112 112th 16th u/35L 53rd L Jessica Tandy 36:14 11m39s 7m14s
113 113th 10th L40 54th L Helen McGuire 36:16 11m40s 7m15s
114 114th 11th L40 55th L J McGrath Liv RC 37:17 11m59s 7m27s
115 115th 17th u/35L 56th L Jen O'Sullivan 38:10 12m16s 7m38s
116 116th 18th u/35L 57th L Jordan Swainson 39:53 12m50s 7m58s
117 117th 31st u/40M 60th M Andrew Foster 40:22 12m59s 8m04s
118 118th 19th u/35L 58th L Amy Jordan Liv RC 41:36 13m23s 8m19s
119 119th 20th u/35L 59th L Pauline Guy Liv RC 41:36 13m23s 8m19s
120 120th 2nd M55 61st M Anthony Marrs SkemBoun 41:36 13m23s 8m19s
Number finishing in each age group out of the 120 finishers in the race
Men under 40 31
Men 40 to 44 13
Men 45 to 49 8
Men 50 to 54 5
Men 55 to 59 2
Men 60 to 64 2
Ladies under 35 20
Ladies 35 to 39 14
Ladies 40 to 44 11
Ladies 45 to 49 6
Ladies 50 to 54 5
Ladies 55 to 59 2
Ladies 60 to 64 1

program copyright of Martin Hitchen